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CD Reviews:  Creed: Weathered

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Remember the good old days, the days when every other song on the radio was not a Creed song? Ever since Scott Stapp and his bandmates pushed "Higher" and "With Arms Wide Open" to the radio two years ago, station playlists have never been the same. "Higher" and "…Wide Open," the first two singles from 1999's Human Clay, were spun seemingly every 15 minutes on every station across the country, prompting the explosive development of a nationwide dislike for Creed practically overnight. People started to notice just how fabricated the band's sound had become in a relatively short period of time. Their debut effort, My Own Prison, came out of nowhere in 1997, impressing fans with its grunge-like sound and dark, thoughtful lyrics. And while most critics jumped all over Stapp's Eddie Vedder-esque voice, they still praised My Own Prison for its musicianship and gritty, distinctive sound.

But then Creed started fooling around with their sound, probably at the request of some idiot label exec. And when Human Clay hit the shelves in 1999, fans and critics alike immediately picked up on the changes. And they weren't too happy. That downward spiral continues for Stapp & Co. with Weathered, the band's latest album. Again, you won't find anything that even remotely resembles the quality that was present in 1997 on My Own Prison. Instead, Weathered is filled with the same watered-down, made-for-radio crap Creed pushed on us with their last disc. 

This album actually opens on a promising heavy note with "Bullets" and "Freedom Fighter," two decent rockers that still don't touch the heights of Creed's previous guitar-driven work. Unfortunately, these are the "see, we can still rock" tracks -- throughout the rest of the album you'll find a much mellower, artificial sound. In fact, the only other songs worth mention are "One Last Breath," "Hide" and the title track. Of course, all three have single potential, meaning much like they did with this album's first single, "My Sacrifice," stations across the country will wear this trio out on an hourly basis.

For those of us who flocked to Creed in 1997, the quality of their latest album is quite depressing. Every band is entitled to a dud release from time to time. Unfortunately, these guys have now produced one stellar album and two irritatingly synthetic, all-too-familiar ones, meaning everybody still holding out hope for Creed should just listen to My Own Prison, keeping Human Clay and their latest unimpressive piece of work, Weathered, as far away from their CD player as possible.

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