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Bill Clark got his start reviewing DVD's for The DVD Line, a site he started back in 1997 when DVD first launched - long before the era of eight hours of extras on a movie of the caliber of "Waiting..." People have never really listened to him, but he keeps plugging away anyway. He launched in 2003, mainly in an effort to annoy studios by frantically posting reviews to movies that "weren't screened for critics" by Thursday at 11:59PM. That will show them. His musical tastes center around hard rock and metal, which is where he fits in to beloved Whether you like his music reviews may hinge on this vital piece of information: he thinks Metallica's "St. Anger" has at least four good songs on it.

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Latest Reviews

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Bill's Essential Albums

Jim Gaffigan:
Beyond The Pale
In Flames:
Come Clarity
Ten Thousand Fists


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