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CD Reviews: Review of The Weight Is A Gift by Nada Surf
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Nada Surf is one of those bands that was signed to a major label, and got released from their contract due to corporate dumbasses thinking they knew more than the band. “Bring this back when you have a single,” said Elektra Records of the album The Proximity Effect, in 1998. The band refused, was dropped, and went on to release the album on their own to the delight of their fans and even critics in the states and overseas.
Nada Surf has been flying around under the radar ever since, continuing to make music and tour on their own. The Weight is a Gift, on Seattle indie label Barsuk, is easily the best effort put forth by the trio. It’s melodic, lo-fi, and uplifting all at the same time, complete with jangly guitars and sugar-sweet vocal harmonies.

“Concrete Bed” is not only a textbook pop song, it’s got one of the simplest lyrical sentiments that harkens back to the Golden Rule: “To find someone you love / You gotta be someone you love.” As those geezers in the Guinness commercials say, “Brilliant!” There is more musical pop brilliance as well in tracks like “Do It Again” and the unbelievably fun “Blankest Year,” the latter containing the lyrics “Ah, fuck it, I’m gonna have a party.” But Nada Surf is best when there are dark undertones, such as on “Always Love,” “All Is a Game,” or the beautiful ballad, “Comes a Time.”

Barsuk Records has a disclaimer with this record, and that is that they apologize in advance for an album that is going to thoroughly stick in your head for years. That really may not be an exaggeration. The Weight is a Gift is infectious and dreamy pop that is sure to be a hit with fans and critics again, and no doubt leave the Elektra brass scratching their empty heads. Can’t find a single? Look no further than this new album, which has eleven of them.

~Mike Farley 




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