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CD Reviews: Review of Before I Speak by Kyle Riabko
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Hailing from the Great White North (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to be exact), 17 year-old Kyle Riabko is a name that everyone is going to know by the end of 2005. It seems like every year, some kid like this comes along and shows the world not just mind-blowing talent, but a maturity level to parallel it. Riabko is a singer/songwriter, but it’s almost not fair to group him in an overcrowded genre that he doesn’t belong in anyway. Let’s call him an artist. On his debut, Before I Speak, the kid plays guitar like a seasoned pro, but it’s his vocal ability and soulful songwriting that put him in a class by himself. Genre-wise, it’s pop, rock, R&B, funk, and blues all in one.

“Do You Right” is the first full track, and draws instant comparison to powerhouse band Maroon 5, or perhaps to a young Daryl Hall. (Speaking of Maroon 5, to think that they have been around since Riabko was 13 is a bit freaky.) The first single, “What Did I Get Myself Into,” shows a playful yet mature lyrical side, and has a rhythmic addiction that rivals the likes of Ben Harper. “Half As Much” is a bluesy ballad with a smooth vocal delivery and slick guitar playing that bring to mind a young John Mayer.

“Miss Behavin’” is funky, sensual, and has a huge, anthemic chorus—that, combined with a well-placed falsetto are reminiscent of Prince. The gospel-tinged “Carry On” and Delta Blues-ish interlude “Chemistry Blues” lead into a title track that is the best song among a collection of gems. Then there is “Chemistry,” a duet with sexy songstress Liz Phair that oozes kinkiness, given the fact that Phair is old enough to be Riabko’s mother. The driving “Paranoid,” the rhythmically hypnotizing “Teach Me,” and the bass-thumping “Doesn’t Get Much Better” round out a debut that is pretty damn special. Don’t be surprised to hear names like Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys in the same breath as Riabko.

Now, either this kid is mighty prolific or Aware Records wanted to blow their load on this record, but there are fifteen tracks here. The last five songs are very good, but still B-sides compared to the rest of the album. Ten or eleven great songs would suffice and set things up nicely for the sophomore effort. But that doesn’t dampen the fact that Kyle Riabko is an artist to watch, not just for 2005 but for many years to come.

~Mike Farley 




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