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CD Reviews: Review of Seventeen Days by 3 Doors Down
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Twelve million people can’t be wrong, now can they? Well, that’s precisely how many copies Mississippi-based rock band 3 Doors Down sold of their first two albums. And the band’s latest, Seventeen Days, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, selling 200,000 units almost immediately. This is an American band that is embraced by America, even if it’s not embraced by most of America’s music writers.

Seventeen Days picks up right where the band left off from 2002’s Away from the Sun. “Right Where I Belong” is a scorching riff-driven rocker. “It’s Not Me” is textbook 3 Doors Down, complete with a huge chorus and harmonies borrowed from the grunge era. This song has #1 written all over it too, and it’s not even the first single. That distinction goes to “Let Me Go,” which is already blowing up the radio charts.

“Landing in London” has a guest appearance by Bob Seger, and I’m not sure why because it’s the one song on the record that I could do without. “The Real Life” is another formulaic song reminiscent of their 2000 hit, “Loser,” and “Behind Those Eyes” has more of a classic rock flavor. Other standouts are the punchy “Live for Today” and the melancholy “Here by Me.”

So why do the Rolling Stones of the world continue to take bands that write good, hooky, melodic hit songs, and beat them like a piñata? I may have harped on this before, and probably will until most critics come down off their “Hives” and “Vines” bender. For the record, 3 Doors Down has six number-one singles. Can any of you hum a single song by any of those “The” bands? Not that certain radio conglomerates aren’t guilty for shoving less new music down our throats, but 3 Doors Down undeniably writes some of the catchiest rock music ever.  

~Mike Farley 

Visit 3DoorsDown.com for more info on the band!




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