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CD Reviews: Review of Carencro by Marc Broussard
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My personal CD player has anticipated the major-label debut from Mark Broussard, a still-very-young singer/songwriter from Louisiana, for quite some time. I knew from the moment I first heard this kid exercise his vocal chords that he had a gift, and I’ve been a fan since. Not only does Broussard soulfully emulate some of the greatest R&B singers like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, but he does it in a radio-friendly acoustic pop/rock format. Carencro is proof that Broussard has the songwriting chops to go along with that monster voice of his.

“Home” is an interesting choice to open the album, sort of a genre cross between Memphis blues and classic rock, and as the song progresses, Broussard takes control like a preacher on Sunday. “Rock Steady” is pure pop ear candy, and it’s flat-out one of the best songs I’ve heard in years. “Save Me” is another groove-infused pop diddy with a chorus as big as Broussard’s voice. Bluesy ballads like “The Beauty of Who You Are” and “Rainy Night in Georgia” show off that soulful side, a side that might make Broussard challenge the date on his own birth certificate. “The Wanderer” is a great song off his self-released debut that made the cut onto this record. Then, just when you think it can’t get any better, there is a hidden track. Broussard wrote “Gavin’s Song” about his son, and it’s clearly about missing him when he’s on the road. I can almost guarantee that this acoustic gem will give you goose bumps.

These are songs that instantly make your own life feel like a movie soundtrack. Broussard, his band and industry veteran Marshall Altman at the producer’s helm combine to make Carencro a can’t-miss record. Marc Broussard clearly has a gift to offer music enthusiasts everywhere. Hopefully, that gift will be accepted by enough of them to give this incredible artist the long career he deserves. 

~Mike Farley 




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