Interview with Justin Moore of Ingram Hill

Interview with Justin Moore of Ingram Hill

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Ingram Hill, a highly energetic rock band out of Memphis, recently released their major label debut, June’s Picture Show, on Hollywood Records. Lead singer/guitarist Justin Moore took a few minutes out from his touring schedule to talk with Mike Farley of

Mike Farley: So are you guys originally from Memphis?

Justin Moore: Born and raised.

MF: How long has the band been together?

JM: Three and a half years -- it’ll be four years in August.

MF: So how did your record deal come about?

JM: We’ve been talking to labels for about two years, and we went in and recorded our last record independently. But before we even put it out, we sent it to some labels and a few of them freaked out about it. Then a couple of them really started courting us and we felt like Hollywood was the best one for us.

MF: So you had a bunch of offers to choose from? That’s always good.

JM: Absolutely.

MF: So you guys are touring right now?

JM: We just had a few days off, but we start back up (on April 15) at the Exit/In in Nashville.

MF: Then where do you go from there?

JM: We go to Knoxville and then Birmingham, then I’d have to look at our Website to know where we go after that. (Laughs)

MF: Is it a national tour?

JM: Not west coast, but pretty much Texas and everything east.

MF: Tell me about a typical day on the road for you guys.

JM: Wake up, get in the van and eat some sort of fast food. Sometimes we have radio or TV interviews, but if we don’t, it’s not really exciting. Pretty much load in, sit around the venue, play our show and go to a hotel. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and eat food that’s really bad for us and make fun of each other.

MF: Making fun of each other is all part of being in a band.

JM: Right. And looking at hot girls!

MF: Well, you’ve got to live the life a little bit. If you work like that day-to-day you have to reap the rewards.

JM: Exactly!

MF: So what are the groupies like at your level?

JM: You know, right now they’re not so bad. They’re not the real trash yet, but those are starting to come out, which is a good sign. I used to be a runner for a lot of arena shows here in Memphis, and all the trashy groupies came in from Arkansas for the huge bands. Ours right now are still mostly college and sorority girls, not too trashy but the trashy ones are just starting to come out, which is good because trashy people only want to come out for the “big” bands. Laughs. That means we have to be doing something right.

MF: So who are your influences as a band?

JM: Probably Tonic, the Black Crowes and Counting Crows. And I personally grew up on Tom Petty and Elton John. Everybody in the band has different influences, so when you put it all together it comes out to be a little bit of Tonic and a little bit of Black Crowes.

MF: So what are you listening to right now?

JM: I just bought a record by Wheat, and I’ve been listening non-stop to Jonny Lang’s new record, and the Damnwells, who are opening for us in Nashville. Their new record is phenomenal.

MF: Right on. I actually reviewed all three of those that you mentioned on So what kind of hobbies do you guys have besides music?

JM: I’m a big sports guy, so anytime I can do just about anything sports related, I’m going to do it.

MF: Playing sports?

JM: Yes, I’m probably best at basketball, which is the easiest sport to just pick up and play without being in a league. But Matt and I have jumped on the golf bandwagon lately. Actually, I’m for any type of organized competition.

MF: What kind of goals do you guys have for the next five years or so?

JM: Oh gosh, to rule the world!

MF: How is June’s Picture Show doing so far?

JM: It came out February 24, and it’s doing great without even having gone to radio yet. I think it goes to AAA this month, and doesn’t go to Hot AC [until] the end of the summer. So without radio yet, it’s doing phenomenal.

MF: What song is the single?

JM: “Will I Ever Make it Home?”

MF: Is there anything you want to add?

JM: No, just check out the Website and come see us on tour!