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CD Reviews: Review of On My Own Two Feet by Granion
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Click here to buy yourself a copy from Amazon.com Granian: On My Own Two Feet (2004)

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Singer/songwriter Granian is not your typical guy with a guitar. Front man Garen Gueyikian goes by Granian as a solo artist but in this case has a band to back him up. Enough prep work, on to the music. Easily one of the best independent records I’ve heard in 2004, On My Own Two Feet is filled with hooky, melodic, driving pop/rock that just doesn’t quit. With all but one of the 10 tracks on here under four minutes, it’s clear that Granian is out to show the world he’s finally arrived as the songs are neat little packages of radio friendly gems.

“On My Own” shows off Granian’s growling, powerful voice in a chorus that is as big as it gets. “Mark My Words” has one of those addictive grooves that just hits you right in the gut and leaves you wanting more. “Uncovered” is a dead ringer for Matchbox Twenty, and for those of you who are groaning right now, remember that Matchbox is still going strong because they know how to write hits. “Vigil” has a grungy flavor, but goes way beyond the obligatory comparison to any grunge artists, because Granian’s take is more upbeat and full of melody. Other notable tracks are “If It’s What You Want” and “Collide.”

Every once in a while I find a new record that I can listen to from beginning to end, and this new one from Granian fits that bill. He currently has no label backing him, but with a solid band and a powerful new release that can stand up to anything out there, that might not hold true for long. Do your part and support independent music, and if you’re like me and you hunger for quality songs, it’ll be one of the best purchases you make in 2004. Trust me. 

~Mike Farley 




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