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CD Reviews: Review of Ship of Dreams by David Knopfler
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Click here to buy yourself a copy from www.knopfler.com David Knopfler: Ship of Dreams (2004)

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There are some voices in rock music that are as easy to recognize as the taste of your favorite food or, um, beer, on your taste buds. Founding Dire Straits member David Knopfler has such a voice, and while it’s easy to mistake it for that of his brother Mark (Mark was the lead singer of Dire Straits), it’s basically the same voice. David’s latest solo effort, Ship of Dreams, is a collection of solid songs that just flat-out feel good. As Knopfler gets older, his songwriting seems to gain creative wisdom, and those songs are delivered here with conviction.

“4U (Rabbit Song),” in addition to being a great lyrical concept, is extremely catchy from a musical standpoint as well. “Easy Street” is a meaner, bluesy rock tune about making a deal with the Devil. And while a track like “True Love” is a timeless ballad, it’s in songs like the jazz-flavored title track (co-written with budding California artist Megan Slankard) and the haunting “Going Down with the Waves” where Knopfler’s songwriting really shines through. “When Will the Crying Stop?” is a melancholy song about lost love that is so simple, yet so poetic: “First you flip/Then you flop/Love is here/Then it’s not/But what I really want to know/Is when will the crying stop?” “Mending My Nets” is another track that stands out, almost as an old-school folk song.

Ship of Dreams balances nicely between full band and acoustic tracks, and producer Harry Bogdanovs along with Knopfler obviously paid attention to the arrangements and how they complement each song. This is one of those records that sounds very comfortable from the moment you hear it, yet there are little things throughout that grow on you the more you listen. Fans of good pop songwriting should never tire of hearing what artists like David Knopfler create, and here’s hoping he continues to feed our senses with his music.

~Mike Farley 




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