Car Insurance Commercials are Everywhere

Car Insurance Commercials are Everywhere

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The economy has been down and that has slowed down advertising, but one area where we’re seeing tons of ads is in the car insurance area. The ads for car insurance companies are everywhere, and it seems like entertainment trumps information in this area. That shouldn’t be a surprise, but it should be obvious that research trumps quick fixes when it comes to car insurance.

The latest trend started several years ago when Geico made a big push to grow their business through advertising. The Geico Gecko has become an iconic figure as the quirky commercials flooded our TV screens. Throw in Cavemen and all sorts of other strange characters and Geico has shot up to be one of the best known brands out there.

Not to be outdone, Progressive insurance had to fight back. They were doing great on the web, but they needed a campaign that would get as much attention as the Gecko and the Cavemen, and that’s when they create Flo. Love her or hate her, Flo’s commercials have been a monster success for Progressive and they have been milking it for years.

Now everyone is getting into the act. Our favorite has to be the Mayhem commercials created by Allstate. The actor who plays the Mayhem character, Dean Winters, is great and this has given them the vehicle to come up with countless situations that make accidents look funny. And that’s not an easy trick. You might recognize Dean Winters from the HBO series “Oz,” and he really helps make this successful. This series is a huge success because it doesn’t seem forced.

I can’t say the same about the new ads from Farmers Insurance. They’re everywhere, so in one sense they will have to have some impact. They also feature a great actor from “Oz” as well with J.K. Simmons. Unfortunately, these all seemed forced. They’re boring and annoying, and that’s a real problem for a brand. It will be interesting to see if they have success with this one and how long it lasts.

Meanwhile, State Farm has entered the games as well with bizarre commercials about wishing for a State Farm agent to solve your problem. The one with LeBron James was the worst. They’ve rebounded, however, with some clever commercials about how State Farm agents are available 24/7.

This is all interesting stuff, but as a consumer you need to get beyond all the fluff and get a product that makes sense for you. Go online and do some research. Get quotes and then challenge agents from the companies listed above to beat them. Shopping around is always the best strategy.

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