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5 Safety Tips to Prevent a Car Accident

Even if you're an experienced driver, you have as much chance of getting into some strife on the road as those who haven't been driving as long. Here are a few simple safety tips that may help you avoid an accident.

True, it isn't always possible to completely avoid getting behind the wheel when you’re tired. But if driving can be put off or done by someone else, it is well worth the effort. Long distance driving calls for regular breaks – the current guidelines suggest taking a break every two hours, but it’s best to drive to how you’re feeling. Fatigue can be deadly. Should you be in the unfortunate situation of a vehicle accident, you may need compensation for income loss if you can't work, or a hire car to use while yours is being repaired. For help with these sorts of issues, consider specialist companies like that will help you every step of the way. Buckling up isn’t just a suggestion – it’s the law. While some children dislike the restraint and fight it or unbuckle themselves, it’s important to impress the importance of seatbelts to them. Apart from the obvious dangers when it comes to accidents, it can also be the cause of an accident – even the best driver may have difficulty keeping their wits about them when children are crawling around, fighting with each other or emptying juice everywhere. People will overtake you. Let them. ‘Defensive’ driving doesn't mean keeping your position in traffic.It sometimes means letting others get ahead of you. It may be annoying to be cut off, but resist the urge to fight back. These are the drivers you should be avoiding, not teaching a lesson. Any aggressive driving is dangerous, whether it comes from you or another party. While you'd rather not drive in certain conditions, you probably won't have a choice. Remember to keep windshield wipers going in the rain. In a very cold winter, defrost your windshield to prevent fogging up. When the road isn't dry, the ability to stop quickly dramatically reduces. Drive slower than the speed limit in wet weather – remember that stopping distances increase, so the 2 second rule is doubled in rainy or foggy conditions. Make sure your car and everything in it are in good condition. Have your brakes checked and adjusted, and ensure your tyres are adequately inflated. Replace your windshield wiper blades when they begin to streak. Make sure your windshields and windows are clean with no marks as they distort light and vision when the sun hits at certain angles. Check that all your lights are working properly.

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Cool Corvette video based on classic commercial

Our friends at had access to a 2015 Corvette Stingray Z51 for baseball’s All-Star Game in Cincinnati, so they decided to take the opportunity to remake a classic 1970’s Chevy commercial. Check out this video!

What to consider when getting insurance for a new car

How to Protect Your New Car from Harsh Weather

Protection from the elements should be among the first things you think about when bringing your new car home from the dealership, especially if you live in an area prone to especially harsh weather. Temperature extremes, inclement weather and storms can all pose a serious threat to your expensive new vehicle - inside and out - and so steps must be taken to ensure its safety and protection. Luckily, these steps are really straightforward.

A car with shelter from the elements is one that has less to fear from harsh weather. Most houses have garages attached to them these days but for those that don’t, finding somewhere to safely put the car can be a challenge. A great alternative to a garage, should you not have one, is a simple carport area. These are cheaper to build than a garage and offer a similar amount of protection from sun, rain, bird droppings and hail. Speak to a professional carport construction company like to work out a design, budget and build time that works for you.

Wax is one of those things that seems like it’s a whole lot of time invested in something that doesn’t provide much in the way of results. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A proper wax of your vehicle will provide strong protection in a number of different kinds of weather. Rain, frost and condensation build-up will be a thing of the past and your car and its nice paint will be far better protected if you have to park it in direct sunlight for any length of time. There are different kinds of wax for different kinds of protection, however, so make sure you do a bit of research on the sort you need beforehand. You should also make sure that the vehicle exterior has been thoroughly cleaned before beginning the application. Any spots of dirt or grime will mean that the wax won’t adhere as cleanly.

In colder climates, particularly in areas where frost is common during winter, certain steps must be taken to ensure your car is protected further against the elements. Driving your car every day will keep components like the battery and engine oil from thickening or freezing up and doing damage. Your tires will lose an estimated pound of pressure with every 12°C/10°F drop in temperature, so make sure they’re always properly inflated. Wipers may freeze and crack in freezing weather, scratching your windshield or not clearing rain away.

Hot climates present problems of their own. You should always be making sure that coolant is topped off because even new vehicles can overheat if the mercury starts to soar and overheated components are expensive to fix or replace. Hot temperatures have the opposite effect on your tires that cold weather has, so keep an eye on them to make sure they aren’t expanding too much when hot.

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5 Features to Look For In a New Car

Buying a new car can be a frustrating process, especially figuring out what you will actually be using the new car for. These days there is a massive amount of options and extras to choose from and it can become quite overwhelming. Car sales sites like can help by showing what sort of vehicles are currently on the market as well as listing key features. Check out some of the extras that will take your new vehicle from cool cruiser to super sedan.

Bluetooth and USB connectivity comes in handy now that everyone is glued to their mobile phones. Being able to connect your phone to your car means that you can make calls safely, without having to use a hands free headset. It also means that you can connect and sync your music to your car. This is a great feature if you prefer to really customise your car for yourself, or if you spend a lot of time in it.

Gone are the days of driving dangerously with a map on your knee. These days GPS systems and navigation comes built in with the car, and it can be a very useful feature to have. Simply plug in the destination and the car will show you the quickest way to get there. If you’re new to a city or are driving to an unfamiliar area regularly, this is a great extra to look for in your new car.

Being able to tell if all passengers in the car have their seat belt on is a great feature, particularly if small children are travelling in the car regularly. The feature will warn you if a passenger does not have their seatbelt fastened, and in some models will beep continuously until the passenger buckles it or leaves the car.

This is a great extra to look for in a new car. It can help prevent reversing accidents, and provides that extra level of security around your vehicle. This is a great way to check for obstructions and other vehicles when reversing your car. Whilst sensors can pick up small objects like branches, the camera works well in tandem by allowing you to check what it is that is behind you, and covers any blind spots in your mirrors.

A 5-star safety rating is an absolute necessity when purchasing a new car. The best safety features should be installed in any new car, and the rating will provide you with that information instantly. Safety is not the part of the car that should be compromised on.

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