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Lexus introduces badass RC F Coupe

Lexus has introduced the successor to the F performance sedan with the new Lexus RC F coupe. This badass vehicle can hit 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds and has incredible handling.

Lexus has been upping its game with its F models and F SPORT versions of its entire line, so suddenly this stodgy luxury brand is becoming known for speed, styling and performance as well.

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Appraising a New Approach to Finance Leasing

While it may sound like yet another generic, business term, is something that holds genuine value in the world of entrepreneurship and business start-ups. It essentially refers to capital that is released to start-ups by lenders, for the purpose of investing in assets that will help them to execute their business plan. Whether this is a new computer or a commercial fleet, it is a necessary investment that enables your business to accumulate wealth and generate revenue.

While the definition of asset financing and its purpose remains largely unchanged, however, there is a new ethos and philosophy driving the contemporary market. This is being led by innovative companies such as that have taken a standard financial product and tailored it to become an overarching service. More specifically, firms of this type have developed reputation for delivering an excellent and customer orientated service, which transcends traditional lending and typical financing agreements. Far from just extending financing to business start-ups, it also seeks to establish collaborative relationships that are built on trust, integrity and mutual benefit.

If we take asset financing firm Maxxia as the embodiment of this philosophy, its multiple benefits suddenly become far more apparent. With more than 150 years’ experience in the industry, it has a unique insight into multiple generations of customers and their reasons for seeking out asset financing. It is a company that understands the needs of businesses to thrive and evolve, especially in a fast-paced economy that is growing rapidly and inspiring huge levels of competition between rival firms.

Not only does this fresh approach provide greater assistance, expertise and peace of mind for small business owners, but it also makes it easier for them to access financing. After all, contemporary asset financing firms offer a viable alternative to traditional bank lending, as even though the economy is buoyant fiscal institutions remain wary of extending capital to small firms with minimal equity.

With this in mind, creating an asset finance product that suits the wider needs of business owners may be considered as a pivotal breakthrough in the industry. Firms in the market are continuing to start with companies rather than the particularly assets that they require financing for, which offers an entirely perspective and changes the dynamics of the relationship between service provider and client.

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How a BMW Z4 Becomes a Z4 GT3

Ever since its release in 2010, the Z4 GT3 has received almost universal praise from motorsport drivers and motorsport fans alike. But, just how different is it to the comparable road version? Let’s take a look…

Tuned and altered , the Z4 GT3 can compete in the FIA GT3 European Championship, the International GT Open or the ADAC GT Masters – as well as at 24-hour endurance races.

In itself, the production model of the GT4 is already highly impressive, standing out from the crowd on any street corner due to its elongated bonnet, flared wheel arches and long wheel base. In many ways, the styling and production of the GT4 make it the perfect car for GT3 production, allowing BMW to keep the car as true to the original as possible, while still creating a more than competent GT3 racing car.

What’s the Difference?

The largest difference between the production and racing versions of these cars can, as you’d probably expect, be found under the bonnet. The regular production model of the Z4 is powered by a 6 cylinder engine, whereas in the GT3 model, there’s a 4.0 litre eight-cylinder under the bonnet which is ready to wreak havoc, producing 480 bhp.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this change of engine to a V8 then had a considerable impact on the development of the rest of the car. CATIA V5 design software was initially used in order to inform engine placement, ensuring that the engine was in exactly the correct position while still meeting racing specifications. From here, the rest of the components were added around it.

In terms of electrics, a Power400 electronic control unit is used to power all of the actuators, while power is transmitted through a six-speed, sequential gearbox with “Quick Shift” function.

As well as all of this, the front axle of the GT3 version is a completely new design that is based on a series concept that has a stabiliser bar and adjustable blades.

One thing that you definitely won’t find as standard on the road version is a safety cell. The GT3 version, of course, has one, and it’s made from precision steel tubing which is welded into the body.

Once more, as you would expect with racing cars, a reduction in weight was also a factor, and the GT3 version is a mere 1,200 kilograms. This has been achieved by using carbon fibre reinforced plastics (also known as CFRPs) on the front and rear wings, bonnet, roof and fender.

Of course, all of this technology comes at a price, and the GT3 version is far from cheap. Fortunately, road versions are far cheaper, particularly used ones from somewhere like . This way, you can still drive something with the essence, heart and styling of the GT version.

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Why Silverstone is the Home of Classic British Motoring

Ask anyone to name a racing circuit in Britain, and in just about every case, Silverstone will be the first one that comes to mind. It’s incredibly famous, even amongst people who aren’t even racing or car enthusiasts. It is of course home to the Silverstone Classic, a huge event which is known to be the largest classic racing festival anywhere in the world. If you’re interested in watching classic hurtle round a track, then this is undoubtedly the place to be.

Each and every year, we’ll see around 20 intense races, with more than a thousand different entrants, all watched by a host of more than 90,000 people. There are even bands there, and there’s a real festival feeling. Nowhere else can you get your classic fix quite as well as here. The main event is of course only a small amount of Silverstone’s attraction; there are events going on there all the time, but this is the big one.

Now, the Classic is not just for British cars. You can see older vehicles from all over the world, and anniversaries are celebrated every year. The event just gone in fact of the legendary American pony car that is the Ford Mustang; a car recognised and loved over the globe. One which incidentally is actually coming to the UK in its next iteration. Maserati also featured, and there was a celebration for 50 years of the grand prix.

For many classic car clubs across the country, Silverstone Classic is the culmination of their year. Many enthusiast will spend countless hours preparing their show cars to be in perfect condition when they are on display for all the world to see at the event. While the majority of cars to see will be as close to factory as they can possibly be, there are always some really interesting cars in attendance. This ranges from completely custom vehicles, to replicas designed to look like famous movie cars.

If you want to get an even deeper insight into the world of Silverstone, then check out . It details everything from Silverstone’s humble beginnings as the host of the RAC’s Grand Prix, to its modern status as motoring holy land, and includes major events such as the sad passing of legendary driver Ayrton Senna.

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