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Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle

Your car is the second biggest investment in life that most of us are likely to make, but too often we treat it badly. It's used and abused on the way to work, to pick up the kids, or when you're undertaking a last-minute, mad dash to the shops. Then, in thanks for its reliability, it sits outside in the cold or heat, gathering dust while you’re at home or work. If you consider your car an investment and representation of yourself, then here are some tips on maintaining your vehicle appropriately.

It's not just manufacturers being over-the-top; regular servicing of your car extends its life. Whether it's a trip to your local mechanic or a scheduled service at the dealership, regular servicing in line with the logbook allows any problems to be spotted and remedied early. Small problems such as bald tyres or squeaking brakes can have greater ramifications and prove more costly to remedy in the long run, as you may have to replace extra parts which have been damaged.

Nothing ages a car and its interior quite like exposure to the elements, so keep your car undercover or in a garage whenever possible, particularly if you live near the coast. Salt settling on your car equals rust, while sunlight leads to faded paint, cracked dashboards and fragile upholstery. Ideally, you would garage your vehicle. But if that's not possible, invest in a carport. Businesses such as specialise in carports and you can check out their website for some great ideas.

In line with keeping your car under cover, keep it polished for when it's out and about. Consistently keeping polish on your paintwork can lengthen its lifespan by years, warding off fading, peeling, and cracks.

A car is a big expense and a major necessity, so treat it with a little respect. That means not revving it out, crunching gears, or slamming on the brakes. Nice smooth gear changes, limousine-like cornering, and steady braking all spare wear and tear on your tyres, your gearbox, your differential, and your CV joints.

If something is broken, take the time to get it fixed. From door dings to scratches, cracked bumpers and broken air conditioning vents, all these items add up and affect how you and any potential buyer feels about your car. If it feels good to get in and be in, you are more likely to treat your vehicle nicely, taking pride in its appearance and your driving.

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2016 Nissan TITAN XD makes world debut at Detroit Auto Show

I have to admit I like the new design of the Nissan Titan a lot better than the old one.

Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn unveiled the all-new 2016 TITAN XD at the Detroit Auto Show this week. This is Nissan's bid to make an aggressive return to the full-size pickup segment. This new truck was created specifically with American consumers in mind. You can see in some ways the styling has a more traditional front grille though it definitely has some Nissan flair to it as well. The new TITAN sports a Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel and aims at a "new class" of full-size truck between current heavy-duty and light-duty offerings.

The with core planning, design and engineering of the new truck was conducted in Tennessee, California, Michigan and Arizona, and it will be assembled in Mississippi, with engines from Tennessee and Indiana.

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The Hellcat Pack Introduces The Charger Hellcat

Much like the Challenger model of the Hellcat, many of the guts and glory that are in the Challenger, are also found in the new Charger model. What does the introduction of this powerful sedan mean for the Dodge subsidiary brand?

Simply one thing, it means that Dodge now owns the bragging rights for the most powerful sedan in the North American market. Want to know what it takes to make that claim? The answer is 707 horsepower revving out of a 6.2 liter supercharged V8. This is surely not made for those looking for their first family vehicle.

What makes this sedan so magnificent isn’t what it says it is capable of on paper, but how it performs. The best part of this bad kitty, is the fact it can reach top speeds of 204 mph, and best of all the ability of going 0-100-0 in less than 13 seconds. Sheer speed, and even better stopping power. That is a combination that many muscle cars out there lack.

Even though the Charger may share some of the same components as his brother, the Challenger, the Charger is a more compact and in some ways more powerful breed of cat. It truly is a Hellcat literally and figuratively speaking.


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Safety Tips Worth Knowing When Driving With Kids

As a driver you have to worry quite regularly about certain distractions, the road ahead, the road behind, and most everything outside of the vehicle. But when you have a child that care and concern will quickly shift to the safety of that while you are driving.

You do your research to make sure the vehicle has a high safety rating like the Chrysler Town and Country for example is a great family vehicle, and has great safety features as described in a review by . Even with all the great features that a vehicle can offer you, there are still some things you need to do a better job of, and that is managing the environment within the vehicle.

Here are a few mistakes that new parents may make, and will be worth noting:

1) If you have to leave your vehicle unattended, or even if you are just simply outside your vehicle for a few minutes to speak to someone, or check something. You should never leave your child unsupervised in the vehicle. Summer months can prove to risk heat stroke or worse for those who are left in a vehicle, and the number of these types of cases have risen drastically in the last few years. So please be aware of this.

2) Make sure your child is properly buckled in at all times. These includes the seatbelts of the vehicle, but also make sure that their kid seat or booster seat are properly positioned. Seat belt restraints have caused a number of serious injuries and even deaths for young children in vehicles.

3) Now the biggest one of them all. Teach your kids the responsibilities of being a passenger in a vehicle. That vehicle is no place to horseplay, and to create distractions. As a driver you need to be able to keep you eyes on the road at all times, and having kids jumping around and screaming could cause a major distraction, and increases your chance for a serious accident.

Not to scare you new parents out there, but car safety is a very important thing today, and it should be something that every driver, with or without kids should really take seriously.

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