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What exactly does a Career Coach do? Simple: they help transition and find you new opportunities to grow. Want a new career and do not know where to go, go see one of these people. Look for Career Coaches that have professionally advertised web pages, do not fall for traps. Be sure to ask for references from past clients. Make sure they will work for you and listen to your needs. If you know what you want, you should be able to use a Career Coach to help get to your goal. Need suggestions on where to start? Check these sites out.

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Career Coach
This site advertises “Professional Coaches for your job search.” They offer a wide range of services, including resume building, how to market yourself, and other services. They offer assistance via e-mail, phone, and Internet. They also have 190 offices around the world to serve you.

International Coach Federation
This website provides names and e-mail addresses of people that are certified to coach. The International Coach Federation seal is the highest seal available, so you know you are getting a good deal when you have an ICF certified coach.

National Career Development Association
If you want to expand in your current profession, this is the place to go. Provides a list of career centers in your area that allow you to speak to someone face to face. If there isn’t someone close to where you live, most career coaches offer telephone services.

National Board for Certified Counselors
Most of us don’t know anyone who is a career coach or even someone that has worked with a career coach, so how do you know what to look for in one? The homepage of the NBCC (National Board For Certified Counselors) is a good place to find out. Find out what a counselor’s code of ethics should be and what the examination process is for someone to become a certified counselor with the NBCC. Once you know what you’re looking for you can search for counselors in your area with the help of their handy “find a counselor” feature.

International Association of Coaches
The International Association of Coaches (IAC) is one more national organization from where coaches can be certified. Like the NBCC and NCDA websites, you can find out a good deal of information about personal coaching at this site, including what core values and ethics a career coach must have if they want to be certified with the IAC. They also have a career coach locator service so you can find a coach in your area.

The Coach Connection
Once you know what to look for in a career coach you can really begin your search. The Coach Connection is a national company that with many kinds of personal coaches that specialize in specific areas of business and unique career goals. If you want to improve your sales skills they have a coach for that, the same goes if you want to improve leadership or executive skills. They also have more wide-ranging career coaches to help you with your overall business skills. Recently The Coach Connection was featured Dr. Phil, making them one of the most recognizable coaching organizations in the country.

The McAloon Group
As a member of the ICF and IAC, The McAloon Group is a well-respected coaching organization that offers several personal coaching programs for the business professional. Their services run the gamut from personal coaches for high-powered executives to career coaching for those who are still uncertain as to what they want to do for a living. They also have other programs such as career coaching for those who are going through a career change as well as coaching for entrepreneurs.

Franklin Covey Coaching
The Covey in Franklin Covey Coaching is on Dr. Stephen R. Covey, the writer of the best-selling self-help book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Their one-on-one coaching system is based around the principles laid out in Covey’s book, with a focus on leadership and executive skills.

Full Life Centers
Want to life a full life at both home and in the office? According to the Full Life Center it’s all about spheres. Their personal coaches help their clients fulfill their dreams and goals by making sure they are meeting their goals in the 11 keys areas of life, or “spheres.” The Full Life Center might be a good career coaching place for you if you place personal happiness just as high as professional advancement.

Inspiration Inc.
Traditional career coaching may be great for those of us who want to be high-powered business executives or succeed in sales or the stock market, but what about those of us who want to succeed in slightly more unique businesses? Inspiration Inc. exclusively coaches “holistic business” such as spas and alternative health services so they’re services are custom-made to fit those who have slightly more “out-there” career goals. Groovy.

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