6 Things to Consider When Revamping Your Menswear Collection


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While clothes don’t necessarily make the man, a man with a good sense of style can differentiate himself from the pack. Some people can get away with t-shirts, jeans, and running shoes. But that’s not going to work for everybody.

Where should you start if you are interested in taking your fashion sense to the next level? Here are six tips that’ll help you get the menswear you want.

1. Look at the Types of Clothing You Need

Again, wearing casual clothing all the time isn’t for everyone. Some people can get away with it. But they’re the exception and not the rule. If you wish to revamp your menswear collection, start by thinking about what clothes you want. If your workplace requires formal wear, you’ll want to consider formal pants, shirts, jackets, suits, and other things suitable for work or business outings. Consider things you do and places you go to determine what clothes you need.

2. Select Clothing You Can Mix and Match

You don’t have to buy a ton of new clothing. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy a lot of items, ensure it’s easy to mix and match what you buy. You’ll be able to assemble various outfits from a few quality stables in your wardrobe. But that means buying the right apparel to begin with. Once you determine the types of clothing you need and want, you can more easily buy a few staples and complementary pieces.

You can always add to your collection over time as the need arises or as you have more disposable income.

3. Pay Attention to the Size

When buying clothes, make sure they fit. Some people routinely buy the wrong size, believing it’s okay as long as it fits. But getting clothes that fit is not the same as getting the right size for your height, weight, and body type. Investing in well-fitting clothing is especially vital for business wear. You’ll look the part when your suit fits perfectly rather than if it looks like it’s two sizes too big or small. And, no, you don’t necessarily need a tailor to make you a custom-made suit.

You can get well-fitting menswear from various sources, as long as you get proper measurements. Many people see the benefits of getting their apparel from e-commerce storefronts. It’s an easy way to get quality menswear fitting your sense of style from anywhere in the world.

4. Lean Toward Apparel With Staying Power

While there’s nothing wrong with buying trendy clothing, consider that it might not be in style in a year or two. That’s one reason to focus on clothing with staying power. A classic suit, leather jacket, and other staple-worthy apparel items are worth adding to your wardrobe. You won’t have to worry about them going out of style sooner rather than later.

5. Strive for Variety

How many white dress shirts do you really need? Instead of amassing too many of the same apparel items, build variety into your wardrobe. Get different items of clothing, colors, and styles. You can do more with less when you focus on variety.

6. Consider Your Body Type

Before buying clothing, consider your body type. Many people ignore this point. Taking measurements is essential, but considering your body type is also vital. Do you have a tall torso, broad shoulders, or a rounder tummy? You’ll have to consider these things if you want clothes that fit correctly.

Revamping your wardrobe with new menswear will take some work. You should think things out before buying a single thing. Keep these steps in mind to get the right clothing for your wardrobe.


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