Games to play together with two friends



The gaming industry has many projects that can be played by one, two or four, but there are not many games that are comfortable to play with three.

If three friends want to play competitive or cooperative games together, then you should pay attention to the following projects:

– World of Warcraft
– Destiny 2

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is one of the most iconic and recognizable MMO RPGs in the entire gaming industry, and playing with three players, you can form a mini-group that can provide itself with the necessary resources and experiences.

1. Do not forget about support classes and take a healer to the group.

2. Farm gold in game locations by collecting many monsters and destroy them with massive attacks and single skills. If there is not enough gold for the initial equipment, follow the link and order the right amount to purchase with a guarantee of anonymity, delivery speed and disguise of the transaction as a regular trade, so as not to give the game administration even a formal reason impose game sanctions.

3. Go to small raids and mythic + dungeons. There are raids in WoW that you can farm all the time and get equipment and weapons for your class from there, of varying degrees of strength. Farm the same dungeon until you have the right items and then you can move on.

4. Upgrade professions. World of Warcraft has a skill system and mechanics that will help you produce useful items, equipment, tools, weapons and jewelry, but there are a few but. You will have only two slots for choosing professions, so you need to distribute with your comrades who will be busy with what in the group. To master handicraft professions, you need to pump over the collective ones for the extraction of resources. You can ignore the craft and just farm a lot of resources with the three of you, sell them and buy equipment for yourself with the gold you earn – it’s up to you.

5. Master the new addition together – When you reach level 60, you will be able to sail to a new territory in the world of Azeroth – the Dragon Isles. You have to explore new lands, go through all four islands and find out the secret of dragons by meeting each of the representatives of these fire-breathing creatures.

6. Learn to fly a tamed dragon – for this you need to visit the capital of the islands and complete the corresponding quest. During the training process, you will be able to train as a rider and teach your dragon tricks and aerobatics, as well as get the opportunity to customize your pet.

7. Look for PVP, or it will find you – WoW is built around a war system between the Horde and Alliance factions. Having chosen your side, you will regularly meet with allies and opponents. For killing an enemy of the same level as you or higher, you will receive special PVP coins, which can later be exchanged for combat equipment and weapons with enhanced characteristics for battles against other players.

Destiny 2

MMO shooter, the mechanics of which are designed to a greater extent for a single passage, or a three-player game.

You have to choose one of three classes:

Titan – wars, defender and shooter. Can cover allies while absorbing most damage from enemies. Dangerous in close combat due to huge fists.

Warlock is a shooter, a mage in the world of a shooter. Can use magic to deal massive damage to enemies and heal allies that are in the area of effect of the skill.

The hunter is a shooter, sniper and dagger master. Dangerous at long distances, uses traps and tricks, deals heavy damage in close combat.

Having assembled your battle group, you have several options for spending time

1. Strikes are small raids for three players in which you enter the boss’s lair, kill his assistants and retinue, and deal with the dungeon owner himself. In case of victory, you will receive sparkles and useful equipment and weapons.

2. Having trained on strikes, you will be able to move into full-fledged raids and even try to win them with your squad, but keep in mind that if the game recommends 8 participants to win, and you go into 3, then you will need to act accurately and most likely close several positions with one player.

3. Trial of Osiris – PVP mod in which you need to win a series of victories against the same players in order to get legendary seasonal weapons. To get the best reward, you need 7 wins in a row. Matches are fast, so do not despair and immediately go to a new battle after a defeat, and success will not be long in coming.

4. Farming contracts are in-game actions that are counted by a special counter and give out rewards when completed. Tasks can be different – shooting in the head, killing in close combat, destroying certain monsters and other simple assignments. When the tasks are completed, turn them in. You can wait for contracts to rollback, or pay Glimmers to upgrade them, this way you can generate experience and levels much faster. Contracts are daily and weekly with corresponding refresh timers.

Joint passage of the storyline – players will have to repel an alien invasion, figure out its cause and prevent Kalos, the forerunner, from settling in on the land of human habitation. In the future Lightfall update, you and your friends will go to Neptune to explore the planet, study the history of interaction between people and new inhabitants, and you will be able to go on new raids and strikes.


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