The True Meaning Of The Hamsa Symbol


Hamsa Symbol

We all come across symbols every day. Some we understand. Some we don’t. Some we simply like the look of and so wear the symbol as a piece of jewellery without actually knowing what it is we’re representing.

The Hand of Hamsa certainly falls into this category. It is almost impossible not to come across this symbol in any jewellery shop or trinket stall. Taking the shape of a five-fingered hand with an eye in the centre of the palm, it is a beautiful symbol that is often worn as a necklace or upon clothing.

But what does it actually mean? Oftentimes, these kinds of symbols represent a particular religion or story, so what exactly is the Hamsa’s origin and can anyone wear it, regardless of their faith? Here’s a quick run-down of the Hand of Hamsa and what makes it so special:

The Meaning Of The Hamsa

Well, there are several different stories when it comes to the Hamsa symbol. The truth is that the Hamsa is an ancient amulet that actually means the same thing to different faiths. According to a number of scriptures, the Hamsa represents protection, happiness, health and good fortune.

It is most commonly associated with the Jewish faith, however. In Jewish tradition, the five fingers of the hand represent the five books of the Torah, as well as the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which represents one of God’s names.

In this way, judaica Hamsa jewellery represents a reminder of the world’s evil – the eye in the centre is known as the “evil eye” – and the symbol itself urges the wearer to use five senses to praise God and protect themselves from this evil.

How Do You Wear Hamsa?

There is no right or wrong way to wear the Hamsa. However, there are different qualities to the symbol depending on whether the fingers are pointing up or down.

Many believe, for instance, that the talisman brings good fortune and prosperity if the fingers are pointing downwards. If the hand is pointing upwards, this wards off the “evil eye” and actively protects the wearer from any misfortune in their path.

Can Anyone Wear The Hamsa?

One of the reasons the Hamsa is such a recognised symbol worldwide is because of how many people wear it.
As mentioned before, the Hamsa is not exactly stapled to any one religion – although it is most synonymous with Judaism and Islam. In fact, many documents suggest it pre-dates the concept of religion entirely, which means anyone can wear it if they are looking to ward off evil from their everyday lives.

What Is The Best Way To Wear It?

Of course, the Hamsa appears in many walks of life, but it looks especially beautiful as a sterling silver necklace. Earrings, as well, can take the form of the symbol – although it should be noted that most earring pieces have the hand pointed upwards rather than down.

However you might choose to wear it, though, the Hamsa is a peaceful and positive symbol that can be worn and benefitted from no matter who you are.

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