Don’t Miss Out on the Action in “Junkyard Joe” #2


“Junkyard Joe” is the latest comic book series from Image Comics, created by writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank. It tells the story of a group of soldiers and their robot companion, Joe, during the Vietnam War. The series first appeared in the backup strips of the Geiger issues.

“Junkyard Joe” #2 paints an unflinching look at the horrors of war while also providing a glimpse into the humanity that can still be found in even the most unlikely of heroes. It is set several decades before the apocalyptic events of Geiger and explores the human cost of war, as well as the impact of trauma on both soldiers and civilians.

Overview of the Storyline

“Junkyard Joe” #2 follows the story of Muddy Davis, a Vietnam veteran and former cartoonist who created the comic strip “Junkyard Joe.” As his popularity fades with the declining number of newspaper readers, Davis hangs up his proverbial boots. However, his past is not yet ready to let go of him.

The issue shows Davis’ house filled with photos and mementos of his cartoon strip’s success. But then, a new report surfaces commenting on Davis’ decision to retire from cartooning and end “Junkyard Joe.” As he prepares for his day, horrific images of his time in Vietnam flash into his memory.

We are taken back to the past, during the Vietnam War, where Davis encounters a robot soldier that he calls Joe. The soldier impacts Davis, which motivates him to immortalize his memories of Joe through a comic strip.

Fifty years later, Davis’ life takes a surprising turn as he receives a visit from Joe, the robot soldier from his past. While the rest of the world assumes Joe is a fictional character, Muddy knows that his old friend is the real deal. The second issue focuses on the daily activities of an elderly Muddy Davis and how his present confronts his past in Vietnam.


The themes explored in “Junkyard Joe” #2 include loss, nostalgia and coming to terms with one’s past. Muddy is forced to confront his memories of war and the losses that he’s endured as a soldier. He also must come to terms with the fact that his beloved comic strip is no longer famous and must accept the inevitable passage of time.

Why You Should Read “Junkyard Joe” #2

The artwork in “Junkyard Joe” #2 is stunning, with bold lines and prickly inks making up the scenes. The colors are earthy and muted, with bright primaries popping up for contrast. This visual style combined with the evocative writing helps convey the characters’ emotions, providing a glimpse into their inner thoughts and feelings. The character designs are also unique, giving the characters a distinct look and feel. Overall, “Junkyard Joe” #2 is an eye-catching read with an evocative art style that brings the story to life.

How to Get a Copy

The book’s cover price is $3.99, and it can be purchased from various sources like Amazon or your local comic shop.


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