Scams To Avoid When Selling Your Junk Vehicle


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Your car’s useful life will eventually come to an end. Once your car is no longer safe to drive, there’s no need to keep it around. You want to get rid of your junk vehicle, but you’re not sure how to do it most effectively.

In a market saturated with con artists looking to make quick cash, selling your junk car may seem like an overwhelming task. You must do research, just like you would when selling a regular car.

You can start by searching locally to find a reputable junk car-buying service. For instance, if you live in Philly or the surrounding areas, you can search for reputable scrap car services near you that offer to buy junk cars for cash fast. Just make sure you read reviews to know which ones have excellent and which have terrible ratings, and only deal with the ones that have received positive junk car selling reviews.

However, it’s good to know a few tricks that some car buyers use to scam people into selling their vehicles for a low price. Below, we’ll teach you how to identify scammers and how to avoid falling prey to them.

Putting Pressure on You

Sometimes salespeople may be rather aggressive. If they aren’t, then you’ve got yourself a reliable member of the sales team. However, if they are, you can be certain you won’t be receiving a fantastic bargain.

Some red flags and indicators might help you determine whether you’re being pressured out of a fair price for your junk automobile, including:

Limitation on how long their offer will be available. Under pressure, it’s harder for people to make sound judgments. If someone makes you an offer with a time limit, you should probably decline. If the junkyard offering you cash for your car uses this frequent tactic, you’re probably being taken advantage of. Decline their offer and take your business elsewhere if they put time constraints on you.

They want to confuse you. A trustworthy salesperson will answer your inquiries in a way that you can understand. A dishonest seller in the junk car industry may talk in generalities and avoid answering direct questions to make you feel confused. You are probably being given the runaround if you get this feeling.

They Modify Their Proposal

When you call a junkyard and get an estimate over the phone, it is not uncommon for that number to change after the junkyard estimates the vehicle in person. They’ll make up reasons why the automobile they’re looking at isn’t as valuable as the one you described over the phone, such as how it’s in poorer shape or how it’s not the premium version of that model.

A salvage yard that makes you a lowball offer at first and then lowers it later on is probably attempting to con you. This is a typical bait-and-switch since the junkyard already knows you hauled the vehicle there and would rather get rid of it than pay to have it returned to you.

They Do Not Use Cash

You should be wary of any junk vehicle buyer who offers to pay you by check, especially if they intend to send you the check. There’s no guarantee that the check will arrive, and even if it does, it may not be clear. If you hand over the car and all the necessary documentation but the check bounces, the car is now their responsibility and you are responsible for the cost of the check and the towing.

When selling a junk car, only take payment in the form of the agreed-upon sum of cash.

They Become Defensive When You Request to View Their License

Is avoiding fraud when selling your automobile a priority? An easy method to accomplish this is to request to see the junkyard’s license. One technique to ensure you’re dealing with a legitimate scrap car service when selling your old vehicle is to stick with licensed junkyards.

One of the simplest methods to prevent vehicle scams is to simply ask to see the buyer’s license. If they seem defensive or make up reasons why they can’t show you their license, you should walk away. A legitimate junkyard will be pleased to show you their license as proof that they are legitimate and will not try to pull any car-related scams on you.

Final Thoughts

The first thing you should do is look up reviews of the junkyard on the internet and see what other people have to say about it. If you go ahead and make use of their service, you should always listen to your intuition. Remember that there are trustworthy junkyards all across the country, so if the one you choose doesn’t seem right, walk away and look for another one.


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