7 Tips on How To Keep Your Truck Safe During Hurricane Season


2022 Ford Maverick

Summer is usually considered as a fun season full of ease, cold lemonade, and long, lazy afternoons. However, summer’s arrival also ushers in hurricane season. While these storms can be frighteningly destructive, there are proactive steps you can take to try to protect your truck during hurricane season. Here are seven suggestions for keeping your truck safe when the wind and water come.

1. Have a Mechanic Inspect Your Truck

At the beginning of hurricane season, have a mechanic inspect your vehicle. The inspection should include any items or features of the truck bed, including a truck bed organizer. This way, if you are ordered or decide to evacuate, you can breathe easier driving a mechanically sound truck on your way to safety.

2. Use a Tonneau Cover for Cargo

If you are evacuating, a tonneau cover can protect valuables and basic supplies for your family, including pets, who come with you. Conditions can deteriorate quickly with tropical weather, and having solid protection for all areas of your truck can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe during a storm.

3. Store Your Vehicle in a Secure Place

Try to store your vehicle in a secure place like a strong garage before storm conditions make preparations impossible. If your garage has windows, cover them with plywood, hurricane film, or ballistic fabric. Secure any latches to the attic or other openings. Take down bicycles and objects stored overhead and on shelves, as they could become airborne missiles. You might also want to use a quality cover for another layer of protection, even though your truck is inside.

4. Store Your Cargo

If you travel with tools and equipment regularly or daily, you may want to consider installing a quality truck bed tool box. This is true even if you are not facing the threat of a hurricane, but having a secure truck tool box storage in place before a storm hits can protect your truck from damage by flying tools and objects that could break windows and cause scratches or dents.

5. Protect Your Vehicle’s Windows

You can purchase special auto window shields designed to protect your truck’s windows from flying objects. If this is not an option, quality window tinting, while not as effective as solid window shields, can give your truck’s windows some protection against flying objects.

6. Protect Vehicle Documents

Put your truck title and insurance papers in a plastic bag in a safe place. Alternatively, put them in a waterproof document safe. Take pictures of your truck, and store those with the title and insurance documents.

7. Stay Off the Roads

Do not drive during a hurricane unless there is a life-threatening emergency. There are many unpredictable dangers during these intense storms. Avoid added hazards by staying off roads.

Taking proactive steps can keep your truck safe during a hurricane. From choosing the best tonneau cover to storing your vehicle as securely as possible, you can lessen chances of vehicle damage. An experienced online auto parts store representative can help you choose protective options.


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