9 Best E-Bike Accessories That Can Help You Upgrade Your Ride


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While many people choose to purchase an e-bike that is ready to ride out of the box, others prefer to upgrade their own to suit their needs. Whether you want to add more power, range, or speed to your e-bike, there are several ways you may do so.

Therefore, this article compiles a list of some of the best e-bike accessories that can help you upgrade your ride. We have discussed in detail about each accessory so that it fits your bike better, and enables you to ride comfortably, adding to the bike’s performance.

1. GPS Tracking

E-bikes are a great way to get around, but they can be even better with the right accessories. And GPS tracking is one of the best e-bike accessories that can help you upgrade your ride.

With a GPS tracker, you can keep track of your bike’s location, get turn-by-turn directions, and even track your fitness metrics.

Plus, it can give you extra safety on your rides. In case of emergencies or accidents, this device can help you call for assistance.

So, don’t wait. To give your e-bike the utmost safety and security possible, equip a GPS tracking device today.

Additionally, consider whether your bike is compatible with the accessories you wish to add. If you need to switch to a more sophisticated bike for safety, click here to find the finest option!

2. Lock System

No matter the type of e-bike you have, it is crucial to equip a quality lock system.

Electric bikes come with an integral wheel lock, but even though it’s great for locking up your wheels, it doesn’t do much against determined thieves. It does nothing to prevent someone from simply grabbing your bike off the street and riding away.

So, you’ll want to invest in a cable lock that can be connected to a fixed object, like a lamp post or fence. This way, there’s no chance anyone could just take your bike without having to break into anything.

Make sure to research the styles and designs suitable for your e-bike system while choosing from the various available options.

3. Wheel Guard

Wheel guards are another best e-bike accessory that can help you upgrade your ride. It can protect your wheels from damage, dirt, and debris and give your bike a more polished look.

These guards are usually made from a rigid, durable material that can take a beating, keeping your wheels looking good and helping extend their life by protecting them from wear and tear.

However, ensure paying attention to the installation instructions. To prevent any problems, properly mount the wheel protectors on your e-bike.

4. Extra Batteries

When it comes to batteries, it’s always better to have an extra battery or two on hand.
This way, if your battery runs out while you’re out, you can replace it with a new one and keep going. Extra batteries can also come in handy if you want to extend your ride by giving your bike a boost of power.

However, there are a few factors you should think about, including discharge rate, weight, and capacity. Considering these aspects can assist you in selecting the best battery for your e-bike.

5. E-Bike Saddle

With so many people now using e-bikes for commuting and recreation, it’s no surprise that the market for saddle upgrades is booming.

Whether you need a more comfortable ride, better performance, or just want to add a bit of style to your e-bike, saddles are the best solution you can count on.

In addition, a saddle provides additional support and stability, making it easier to control your e-bike.

So, you’ll be able to take on more challenging terrain without worrying about your bike’s performance.

6. Mudguards

If you’re an avid e-bike commuter, you know how important it is to keep your bike clean and dry.
One way to do this is to add mudguards to your e-bike. Mudguards, also known as fenders, help to protect your bike from road debris and weather elements.

Not only do they keep your bike clean, but they also help to protect you from getting dirty and wet while you’re riding.

7. Light Setup

While the law only requires a headlight and taillight, adding side view mirrors and spoke lights can help increase your visibility.

It can make your e-bike more visible to other drivers and let you see better while riding at night or in low-light conditions.

Some high-end lights offer features like automatic brightness adjustment, adjustable brackets, and built-in batteries that make them even more convenient.

Therefore, be sure to check on those features too. It will help you ride your e-bike considerably more effectively as a result.

8. Improve Tires

One of the best areas to start when increasing the performance of your e-bike is with the tires.
Upgrading to a set of high-quality, performance tires can make a big difference in how your bike thrives on the road.

However, when looking for new e-bike tires, keep in mind the following tips.

Consider the terrain you’ll be riding on most often. If you stick to paved roads and trails, get tires designed for low rolling resistance and good traction.

If you venture off-road more often, however, you’ll need tires with a deeper tread for increased traction and pump them up with the right pressure to keep them fit.

Measure the width of the tire. Wider tires provide more stability and comfort but can also be heavier and slower to accelerate. Narrower tires are lighter and faster but more challenging to handle on rough terrain.

Don’t forget about puncture resistance. A good set of e-bike tires should withstand plenty of abuse from road debris and thorns. Some tires even feature special layers of protection against punctures.

9. Helmet

If you are an avid cyclist, you are aware of the value of using a helmet. But what if you’re on an electric bicycle? Riding an e-bike requires wearing a helmet, just like riding any other motorbike.
Even if you’re a careful rider, accidents can happen. And when you’re riding an e-bike, which can reach high speeds, the risks are even greater. So, wearing a helmet can help lower the chance of encountering severe head injuries.

A helmet can also help to deflect wind and debris, keeping your eyes and face clear so you can stay focused on the road.


There’s nothing more fun than riding an e-bike; it’s eco-friendly, convenient, and easy to ride. But to give your ride a little extra boost, it’s crucial you bring some upgrades to the bike.

This blog post enlisted the nine best accessories that can help you upgrade your ride. So, if you have just bought a new e-bike or need to upgrade to an older one, don’t forget to include these accessory upgrades in your list.


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