The Incredible Story of Modern Poker Legend Tom Dwan



Any player who considers themselves to be truly knowledgeable about the game of poker will immediately recognize the name Tom Dwan (or “Durrrr” as he is known by his screen name). Poker is a game that can make legends from its players in a relatively brief period. Notable names from the history of poker include Johnny Moss, who was known as the grandfather of poker due to his advancing years when playing as a pro. Dan Smith, or “Cowboy Dan,” is another notable figure who is known for his exceptional charity work as well as his exceptional gaming ability. With that said, many poker pros regard Tom Dwan as one of the greatest players of all time. This article briefly overviews this modern legend’s life and supreme poker skills.

Early life

Tom was born in Edison, New Jersey, in 1986. He started to study for an engineering degree at Boston university but dropped out to pursue a professional career playing poker. His self-confidence and risk-taking behavior were present in his teenage years, which would later become a trademark facet of his unique playing style. Fascinatingly, Tom started his poker-playing life with an initial budget of $50. Within months, this small amount of money would grow into thousands and millions. By 2008 Tom had amassed a total winning pot of over $5 million from online poker games alone.
Notable wins and losses

Tom Dwan Net Worth is a fascinating set of words to type into google as in 2022. His net earnings are valued at around $10 million. This incredible amount still does not consider some of the enormous losses in his career. His first extreme loss was in 2009, when tom lost a reported $2 million to fellow pro player Phil Ivey. This staggering amount would not be his biggest loss, however. This would be a $5 million loss at the hands of Viktor Blum. Tom held two records for the largest wins in live poker games in terms of big wins. In the fifth season of the televised high stakes poker, Tom won an impressive $919k, the largest televised win at the time. Impressively Tom beat this record himself in the fourth season of the million-dollar cash game, where he took $1.1 million in winnings.

Playing style

As Tom started to gain prominence in the poker community and was quickly becoming a name on the lips of pros around the world, it became apparent just how different his style of play was from the current crop of pros he was playing against in his early career. Conservative styles of poker play were popular around the turn of the millennium, and while most poker players of that era would often mix up their styles throughout a session but tended to remain conservative for most hands. Durrrr was the antidote to this cautious style of play and would often make unbelievably risky bluffs in high-stakes games, clearly knowing that he had little chance of winning on the river card. Quite often, this tactic worked in his favor and resulted in universal folding from other competitors. However, it occasionally resulted in incredible losses at the table.


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