The Significance of Having an Investment Portfolio Tracker



A diverse portfolio is essential for the majority of investors. Putting up a diverse investment portfolio is necessary to achieve one’s goal of maximizing one’s profits while minimizing one’s exposure to risk.

Your assets are probably spread out over various markets and platforms when you have a diversified portfolio.

You won’t have much luck finding a platform like the Prillionaires App that lets you put money into various assets, including real estate, agriculture, equities, and bonds.

Prillionaires is a stock and crypto portfolio tracker that lets you link your portfolios from various online trading exchanges, visualise your data, and monitor their value.

Your comprehension of how your portfolio is allocated and the quality of your investment judgments will benefit from this. In addition, the organization of your financial life will give you a sense of calm.

Monitor asset allocation

When it comes to their portfolio, investors often adopt the mentality of “invest it and forget it.” However, doing so is dangerous.

You should habitually rebalance your investment portfolio regularly, at least once every 3 or 6 months. If you don’t routinely monitor your portfolio’s allocation, for instance, and the stock market goes through a period of volatility, your portfolio’s allocation may become unbalanced.

A portfolio tracker is quite helpful in this situation since it displays your asset allocation and makes it simple to determine whether or not it is time to rebalance your portfolio.

Calculations of stock splits and dividends are done automatically

If you are currently utilizing a spreadsheet to keep track of your assets, there is no doubt that you would find it challenging to account for business activities such as stock splits and dividends.

Most investment portfolio trackers include a dividend tracker and can automatically keep your portfolio up to date for you. This information may be automatically accounted for in your stock portfolio by the platform, which has access to stock exchanges and can get it for you.

Maintain your assets in the currency of your choice

It is crucial to keep track of the currency risk and the amount you have earned or lost due to fluctuations in exchange rates if you are investing in a currency different from the currency you use in your home country, such as the (USD).

If you were to invest in Africa, you certainly would do it in US Dollars, which is a different currency than the one you regularly use in your own country. You may keep track of these many investments in another currency with an online portfolio tracker, allowing you to view the gain or loss in cash at any given moment.


Using a spreadsheet as an investment tracker could be beneficial for some time. Still, if you want to get the most out of your investing endeavors, you should consider upgrading to an online investment portfolio tracker. It will most definitely assist enhance the investing selections you make.


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