Must-Have Luxury Details for Your Truck


Ford F-150

In America, the humble truck has seen a terrific transformation. Not long ago, the truck was a symbol of industriousness and individualism. Now, having a truck is a significant luxury, given that these large vehicles are much more difficult (and more expensive) to store, drive and maintain than other more economical cars. These days, basic truck models tend to cost two to three times as much as a basic sedan, so truck owners should feel opulent and well-appointed in their vehicles.

Whether you are shopping for a truck or interested in increasing the luxury look and feel of your current vehicle, here are a few details you might consider investing in.

Cold Air Intake

Though it might not be the flashy detail you expect, a cold-air intake installed under the hood will vastly improve your driving experience. This aftermarket mod leads to more power and efficiency within your engine, increasing your fuel economy while giving your truck more strength when you need it.

Custom Exhaust

Trucks have larger engines than other vehicles because they are built to haul and tow — but many trucks do not feel or sound as powerful as they are. Custom exhaust systems not only improve the auditory experience of driving your truck, but they can boost performance as well by improving airflow to and from the engine.

Step Bars

Getting into and out of a truck’s cab can feel less-than-graceful, even if your truck has a stock suspension. Installing some kind of side step, like a nerf bar or a running board, can make it much safer and simpler to step into the driver’s seat, which will make using your truck feel more sophisticated.

Tasteful Lift

A luxury truck dominates any roadway, so increasing the height of your truck ever so slightly will help it to draw attention and admiration from other drivers. As important, a lifted truck has better ground clearance, giving your truck more maneuverability on rough roads and increasing its hauling and towing capacity.

Bed Cover

On one hand, you want to haul your gear and equipment. On the other hand, you don’t want the clean lines of your truck disturbed by all your belongings rattling around in the bed. The best solution is installing a bed cover. Truck bed covers come in a variety of styles, and all of them serve to protect your bed and its contents from the weather, increase your fuel economy and provide a luxury look and feel.

Unique Wraps

Paint jobs are outdated. These days, if you want to give your vehicle an eye-catching exterior, you invest in a wrap. Truck wraps allow for more variety in color and graphics all while protecting the body of the vehicle in a durable covering that resists scratches, dents and chips. Even better, wraps are less expensive than a custom paint job, and you can peel off the wrap without damaging your truck when you want a new look.

Performance Chips

Performance chips installed in the engine can help you track your truck’s data, improving its performance in remarkable ways. Many luxury vehicles come standard with certain types of performance chips, so if you are trying to give your current truck a luxury feel, a performance chip that improves the vehicle’s potential is a must.

Sound Deadening

No one wants to ride in a vehicle in which they cannot hear themselves think due to the excessive volume of road noise permeating the cabin. Most modern trucks have some level of sound deadening that makes it more feasible to listen to music or hold a conversation, but for a luxurious atmosphere in the cab, you should consider installing more aggressive sound deadening, which pairs well with other aftermarket modifications like a custom exhaust or large tires.

Light Bars

Updated headlights and taillights are some of the fastest and easiest modifications for making a truck look and feel expensive, but a more unique upgrade is a light bar. At present, light bars only come standard on luxury vehicles, so adding one to your truck will immediately provide it with a exclusive, futuristic profile.

Fender Flares

The wheel wells of trucks tend to age much faster than the rest of the vehicle, receiving nicks and dents, rusting and generally looking poor after only a few years of use. Instead of continuously patching and repairing your wheel wells, you should install fender flares, which add style while covering up some unsightly issues.

If you want a luxury truck but don’t have the budget to buy one off the lot, you can make your current vehicle look and feel as luxury as you like with these aftermarket accessories and adaptations.


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