Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Tires


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Millions of people across the world own a car, yet one aspect of car maintenance that is often overlooked is proper tire care. In fact, statistics show that more than one in 10 cars will fail its annual MOT due to defective or worn-out tires. In this sense, it is important to implement proper tire maintenance to make sure this does not happen and ensure they are safe and legal.

Purchasing tires for your car is an important aspect from the owner to get right and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration before doing so. There are several warning signs that alert you to when you need to replace your tires. If you suspect that you need new tires, do some simple checks on the ones that you have. You can do so by taking a penny and placing the edge into the groove of each tire. Put the penny into the tread upside down and if the top half of the coin is covered by tread, you still can drive with these tires on. If only a little bit of the coin is covered by tread, it is possible that you need a new set of tires, which you can get from high quality tire brands such as the likes of Mickey Thompson or Radar. Also check to make sure the edges of the tires do not show excessive wear, and that the tire pressure is correct. Remember that replacing faulty or worn-out tires is the key to staying safe on the road and if you neglect this aspect of car maintenance you could be in danger.

There are also other ways that you can check to see if your tires need replacing. If you find yourself driving in a car with excessive noise, signs of leakage and an imbalance, in the car you may need new tires. As soon as you see any of these signs, it is worth getting professional help. Sometimes, your tires may not need to be replaced and instead you may need to pump them up. Your owner’s manual should give you information on the recommended tire pressure, and most local garages and petrol stations have an air compressor and facilities that can fix this issue.

A thorough assessment should tell you whether or not they need to be replaced. But it is also wise to not neglect an overall assessment of your car when considering buying new tires. If your tires are faulty, there’s a likelihood that something else is wrong with your vehicle that could put you in danger or have an impact on your tires. When considering where to buy from, there are a range of places to acquire new tires from. However, the most convenient option is your local tire shop because you may know the technicians and receive more personalized service and quicker assembly.

There is a high chance also that your front tires wear out faster than your rear tires so they may not need to be changed at the same time. Replacing four tires costs twice as much as replacing just two, and your rear pair could still have thousands of miles of life left. This is why you should investigate fully whether or not you should replace all four or save money and just replace two of them. Make sure also that they are compatible with your car also and that you choose the correct size and type of tires. This information should be included in your manual that is given to you when you purchase a new car.

In summary, checking and replacing your tires is crucial to remaining safe on the road. It is important to carry out checks which will tell you when you need to replace them and research what tires would suit your car. Remember to get your tires checked at the first sign of trouble, select tires that are correct for your car and consider only replacing two tires if you are short on money.


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