How to Take Care of Your Dirt Bike Like a Pro


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Owning a dirt bike allows for fun and excitement. Dirt bikes, like other vehicles, need proper care to keep them safe. With reasonable maintenance, dirt bikes will last longer and perform more efficiently.

Steps for Taking Care of a Dirt Bike

Taking care of a dirt bike is not overly complicated, but it does require a concerted effort. The following are some of the steps owners should take. Those who want a dirt bike graphics kit should check out the available options.

• To keep a dirt bike running appropriately, owners need to ensure they check the air filter often. Inspecting the air filter and air box will allow owners to determine if there is an issue that requires immediate attention. You should replace the air filter every 10,000 to 15,000 miles or sooner if it becomes overly dirty.

• Brake pads need to be checked to ensure they are not worn down. Once the brake pads on a dirt bike begin wearing down, the metal will start to scrape the rotors and cause damage. Because brake pads wear down according to many factors, it is a wise idea to check them at least once a month for any signs of damage.

• Checking the oil in the dirt bike is one of the most important things owners can do to take care of their bikes. When the engine does not have enough oil, it will begin to break down and will eventually start to seize. Owners should check their oil weekly and ensure there are no leaks. An owner must also ensure the oil is not beginning to break down as a part of dirt bike maintenance.

• One of the most overlooked tasks is checking the chain tension. When wear begins to occur, owners need to replace the chain right away. Making sure the chain is not too tight or loose and that it is lubricated will help ensure the dirt bike works safely and effectively.

• Owners also need to check their sprockets. Over time, the sprockets will begin to wear down and become less effective at holding the chain in place. For longer life, owners should consider installing steel sprockets.

• Another overlooked component of maintenance is checking the fluids. A dirt bike owner may mistakenly believe their bike has no problems because there is no puddle of radiator fluid, oil, or brake fluid. Checking the levels and consistency is essential.

• Owners also need to check their wheels and tires for any signs of wear and tear. When the spokes become loose, they can throw the wheels out of alignment. Checking the spokes and tire pressure will help ensure the dirt bike is safe for riding.

Proper Maintenance Keeps Dirt Bikes Safe

Most dirt bike owners know they need to maintain their bikes, but these chores are not always accomplished. People want to hop on their bikes as soon as possible so they can enjoy a ride. Overlooking maintenance can lead to frequent breakdowns and a diminished lifespan.

The above are some of the most critical steps dirt bike owners need to take to keep their bikes operating safely and effectively. Some checks must be carried out daily or weekly, while others may only need to be done once a month.

When in doubt, owners should consider taking their bikes into a professional shop for a full inspection. Maintenance will help you enjoy the fun more.


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