Enjoy Medical Cannabis Edibles, But Read This First



The recent explosion in cannabis research has resulted in a slew of new products. When people used to think of cannabis edibles, they invariably thought of basic baked goods like cookies or brownies. Today, patients have a whole new slate of cannabis edibles from which to choose.

Let’s look at a few new products and considerations patients should be mindful of before dabbling in edibles, and at some precautions, too.

Low-Sugar Edibles

Cannabis pharmacies have a whole range of edible medical cannabis products with less sugar than traditional things like cannabis candies or baked goods.

For example, dissolvable cannabis powder turns any liquid or food into cannabis medicine. The powder is packed into individual sachets, so controlling your dosage level is straightforward. Talk to your healthcare specialist or cannabis-trained pharmacist to ensure you get the right product and cultivar and ensure it aligns with any dietary issues you may have.

Stronger Effect, Quicker Onset

Edibles aren’t only about preferring one form of consumption over another. Edibles lead to a stronger onset in less time, so they’re perfect for experienced users or patients who require a strong punch.
However, there are some basic considerations to remember that will help you feel comfortable throughout. Be deliberate about the dosage you consume and stick to a maximum of one per day. If you take a second dose before the first one kicks in, you may become excessively high and feel discomfort.

If you have consumed too many cannabis edibles, it’s unlikely to be dangerous. Just try to wait it out somewhere comfortable and sleep it off.

Store Safely

Medical Cannabis edibles are always clearly marked as such on the packaging, but it’s still vital to store them safely and out of the reach of children. The childproof container is one important line of defence, but it’s even better if kids can’t find them at all.

Many people have a locked cupboard where they store alcohol safely. Consider storing cannabis at home just as securely. Finally, avoid the recreational edibles with misleading packaging designed to appeal to kids by resembling non-cannabis candies.

Medical patients always need authorization from cannabis-trained pharmacists or healthcare specialists, who will never guide them to recreational products. Still, the packaging of these products is dangerous and unethical.

Edibles Are Quick and Discreet

Edibles give patients a smoke-free option to consume their medicine. Some patients prefer smoking cannabis, which is perfectly OK! But for those who perhaps don’t like to roll joints or want a quick, discreet way to consume their medication, edibles are a great option.

Not everybody has time to spend breaking up their cannabis in a grinder and rolling it.

Like any medication, patients should always follow their healthcare practitioner’s recommendations. Speak to them about your symptoms, conditions, and lifestyle preferences. They’ll guide you through your medical cannabis journey. But it’s also important to know some high-level considerations and safety protocol when it comes to things like edibles, so bear these tips in mind if that’s your chosen form of cannabis.


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