What Does It Cost to Insure a Ford F150?


Ford F-150

For some people, a car is just not enough vehicle. Maybe they are contractors, plumbers, or in some other job that requires hauling tools and materials. They may own a boat or trailer and need something bigger to pull it. Many people just like the feel of driving a truck. Pickups are ubiquitous on the nation’s roads and highways. One of the most popular models comes from one of the oldest and most reliable manufacturers. The Ford F-150 is a solid truck that U.S. News and World Report rated 8.7 out of 10. If you are looking for a comfortable, good-looking depending pickup truck, the F-150 may be just what you are looking for. You may have questions such as, how much will it cost to insure?

Average Monthly Premiums

Naturally, the cost of insuring any vehicle depends on factors such as what state you live in, which trim options it has and your driving record. The average insurance cost for Ford F150 is $112 per month, which seems pretty reasonable. The basic trim package for a two-wheel-drive regular cab averages $105. As you go from the XL to the XLT and STX packages and get into four-wheel-drive and the super cab, the average monthly premium rises landing at $125 per month for the top-of-the-line trucks. That still seems like a good deal, considering how much truck you are insuring. This varies considerably from state to state.

Highs and Lows for State Averages

The lowest national average is in Maine, which is a good place to own a pickup truck, at just $69 per month. Other states with averages less than $100 per month from low to high are Ohio, Wisconsin, Idaho, New Hampshire, Vermont, North Carolina, Iowas, Virginia, Illinois, New York, Hawaii, Utah, Missouri, Alaska, Indiana, Tennessee, and Washington. 

On the top of the charts is Michigan at $232 per month followed by Montana at $195, Louisiana at $156, and in Oklahoma, the average monthly cost is $151 per month.

Other Factors That Affect Premiums

All of the above averages were calculated using a 40-year-old male driver with a good driving record as a model. Age affects premiums significantly with the younger drivers, those in their teens generally paying the most. The mileage to and from work, and whether or not you are married. also have an impact on your premium. Naturally, your driving record will have one of the biggest effects on what your monthly payments will be. If you are collecting speeding tickets and or/constantly in the body shop to have the damage from your latest accident repaired, be prepared to pay a lot more. Convictions for driving under the influence will make your rates skyrocket and may make you uninsurable.

For people who prefer to drive a pickup truck, the Ford F-150 is an excellent choice. In addition to maintenance and gas, you have to pay for insurance. What you will pay depends on where you live, how old you are, and how you drive. Your best bet is to drive safely and build a good record.


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