Can Casino Employees Gamble?


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Whether or not casino employees get the chance to gamble in a casino is a common question that many people wonder about. To be perfectly honest, there is no clear answer to this. It is completely dependent on the establishment, the country, and whether your intention is to win real money or get a TrueBlue no deposit bonus. Many casinos have regulations prohibiting their employees from taking part in gambling at the place where they work. Others might even prohibit gambling at nearby casinos. In many cases, there are countywide or statewide restrictions on casino employees in terms of gambling. So, read on to understand different aspects of this matter.

Understanding the Situation at the Online Casinos

Typically, online casinos are licensed in offshore nations from where they run their operations. As such, Malta is one of the largest hubs for online casinos to operate from. While Malta does not have rules to prohibit online gambling for casino employees, an individual casino can choose not to allow its employees to gamble. Many online casinos do not let the employees sign up as they have insider insight into the operations. When anybody signs up on the casino website, an identity verification ensures that it is not one of the existing employees.

In many cases, the employees might need to access the games even when they are normally prevented from taking part in them. For instance, the customer support staff might need to verify issues with certain games if the players report any problem. Marketing specialists and content creators might need to access the games to work on advertising them. In such situations, the employees will get some playing credit, but they can never take home any reward even if they win.

Generally, employees working in fraud prevention and payment departments of online casinos cannot gamble because they will have all the chance to cheat. They would know the processes and find weaknesses in that casino’s system to turn the tides in their favor. However, in other online casinos, the employees claimed that they weren’t only permitted to gamble but the employers even encouraged them to do so. For instance, they would get gaming credits as gifts on their birthdays, anniversaries, or bonuses. When they win using these credits, they are even allowed to cash out the winnings like any other player.

The General Scenario in the Land-Based Casinos

Now, the situation is a lot different in the land-based casino outfits. To start with, there might be laws in the state that prevent casino employees from gambling. For instance, in the Bahamas, which happens to be a major casino tourism destination, it’s illegal for citizens to gamble. Thus, the Bahamian bartender or national croupier is not permitted to gamble in his casino as per the national law. However, there is no reason to think that it is the same scenario in every country as you will see in the following sections.

Case Studies From Hungary and Las Vegas

– Hungary: Why doesn’t it allow casino employees to gamble?

Hungary has its reasons to not allow casino employees to gamble. It’s mainly because land-based Hungary casinos are not as big in size as the ones you would see in Macau or Las Vegas. Thus, it might seem weird to be at the roulette table one day and identify the dealer enjoying him at the blackjack table the next day. The policy usually applies to all other land-based high-end Hungarian establishments. When you stay at a 5-star hotel, you won’t see the receptionist sharing the bench by your side at the hotel’s sauna or drinking at the bar.

– Las Vegas: Different casinos and different policies

In Las Vegas, the policy varies from one casino to another. Some employees claim that they are allowed to gamble right where they work minus any restrictions. Others say that they can play but never in their own departments. For instance, the slot employees can try their hand at the roulette tables but not at slot games.

Many of the casino hotels belong to a single chain in Las Vegas. As such when there are sister casinos, an establishment might allow the employees to play at that sister establishment. The higher management is usually barred from playing at their own casino or even in the sister casinos. However, they can certainly use the other facilities of the hotel, such as the restaurant, the bar, or the pool.

An Attempt to Prevent Gambling Problem Among Employees

Most casinos claim that they impose gambling bans on employees to prevent the problem of addiction among the staff. The idea is that individuals who are around gambling all the time and spend time off at the same place have a greater probability of getting a gambling addiction compared to others. With this idea, many of the casinos always prevent the employees from gambling.

Protecting the Bankroll of the Casino Employees

The main motive for the casinos might be to protect their bankrolls rather than genuine concern for the employees. They know full well that floormen and dealers who develop gambling addictions are highly vulnerable to getting coaxed into cheating scams against the casinos by customers or by other employees who know the gambling dealers and their gambling habits – along with the gambling-related financial problems.

The Fairness of Restricting Employees From Gambling

Bars restrict their bartender’s rights to have a drink in bars other than where they work with the objective of preventing them from becoming alcoholics. However, in spite of that analogy, you might consider this ban on casino employees unfair for several other reasons.

Of course, it can be considered unconstitutional by some people. Depriving someone of their right to decide how to spend their pastime violates constitutional rights. All the casino employees shouldn’t be facing restrictions from their employers regarding how they spend their time and money. Everyone who works at a casino is an adult, and thus, has the ability to choose whether they want to play at a casino or not, irrespective of the disruptive and negative forces reckless and uncontrolled gambling might produce.

The Bottom Line

There isn’t any worldwide consensus on letting casino employees gamble. If the country has no laws forbidding it, the casino gets to decide whether it wants to allow the employees to gamble or not.


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