What Should I Know Before Getting My First Car?


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As you prepare to get your first car, there are certain essential things you need to consider. There is undoubtedly some intimidation as to how you should get it or how to navigate through options. This article will help you understand step by step what you should do.

Decide on the Type

It would be best if you first considered your needs to understand what car truly fits. Maybe you want a vehicle to get to the city and drive once in a while. In this case, maybe getting a car is the most expensive option; there are better and more cost-effective alternatives. On the other hand, you may want to purchase a vehicle to get to work or school. In this case, for instance, Nissan Sentra or Ford Fusion can make the cut.

This also means deciding on the freshness of the car you want and what you can afford. If you wish to purchase a brand new car, you will get a manufacturer’s warranty as an advantage and a higher price as a disadvantage. If you decide to opt for an old car, you will get a lower price as an advantage and potential wear-offs as a disadvantage. The choice is yours. Just make sure that you can afford the car, if you are buying the new one, or that you are ready to inspect the vehicle before your purchase when it comes to the old one.

Explore Your Credit Report

There is a growing number of people considering taking a loan to purchase their car. Your credit score and credit history would determine what conditions you will be offered. The higher your score is, and the more “appealing” your credit history is, the higher are your chances that the bank or the lender will offer you a low interest rate.

If you find out that your credit score doesn’t suffice, make sure to study it and learn what is affecting it. There can be different contributing factors, like the number of accounts and loans, how punctual you are in paying them, the amount you still have due, etc. As a last resort, beware that there can also be errors in your credit history, so study it in detail to negotiate with the credit bureau to correct them.

Study Your Financing Options

If you have good relationships with different lenders, or banks, or credit organizations due to past credits or loans, it is an excellent option to start your research with. Examine their auto loan options, especially if there are any conditions for their long-term clients, different from first-time borrowers.

If you are buying the car on your own or with the help of your family, make sure you have also considered other maintenance costs that would automatically follow. Also, make sure to speak to the car dealership to learn their conditions and prices. If you have been preapproved for an auto loan, it can be your bargaining chip in those negotiations. Finally, the dealership might be authorized to offer you promo prices. These will help you be free from relying on one money source and choose the best.

Test Drive Your Car

Before organizing a test-drive appointment, the first thing to do is to have a list of cars you are willing to check. Never limit yourself to only one option as it may turn out that other models suit your needs much better. When you have the final list, you are ready to go. If you wish, you can also consider some ideological notions, i.e., whether you want your car to be eco-friendly, like a hybrid or electric vehicle.

A test drive serves as an excellent opportunity to test your illusions and expectations. Make sure to check the safety the car offers. Pay attention to the gas mileage, transmission, engine size to ensure that you are getting the car you want. Learn whether your vehicle has or can have some add-ons when requested or bought. Finally, be all ears to hear whether the car is making screeching or clattering noises, especially new ones.

Learn About Details

You may also want to learn about the prehistory of your car. Assume that you have decided on the final model you want to get. Make sure you first check the repair history to learn what to expect from your car. Second, check the repair record by finding people who have the same make and model. They can tell you how reliable your car would be and whether it is worth the money.

Last but not least, offer the dealer or the car company to have the car inspected by a mechanic from your side. Of course, the mechanic will charge you, but he will also give you peace of mind that the car won’t require being repaired every once in a while. If you are living in Washington, you can make an appointment with auto repair in Bellevue. Remember that you have all the right to know what you are buying, so don’t give up. As long as you are paying, you are entitled to purchasing after having everything checked and approved.


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