It’s Time to Quit Smoking


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Smoking cigarettes can have adverse effects on the human body, some of which are life threatening. According to research, cigarettes increase the risks of dying due to their effects on normal body functions. Not only does it affect the respiratory system but also the reproductive system, eyes, skin and circulatory system. However, the lungs and heart are the major organs affected by smoking.
With such severe effects, it is time to quit smoking or find an alternative if you heavily rely on nicotine products. One way to begin your journey towards quitting tobacco is the use of nicotine pouches that can be found on Prilla.

What is a Nicotine Pouch?

A nicotine pouch is a modern type of tobacco and smoke-free alternative that provides a discreet and cleaner way to ingest nicotine products. A box of nicotine pouches contains 19-24 small white bags also known as nicopods, nicotine sachets or white snus pouches. Each snus product has a different nicotine concentration and is always 100% tobacco-free.

Nicotine pouches are often marked as low, medium and strong in terms of concentration levels. Furthermore, there are different flavours including sharp mint and citrus burst and soothing cinnamon. The use of nicotine pouches was inspired by the traditional oral ingestion only that snus products are tobaccoless.

How to Use a Nicotine Pouch

If you are new to the use of nicotine pouches, you might find yourself thinking about what to do next after receiving your package. Unlike chewing tobacco which is delivered in shreds, nicotine pouches are in small wrapped packages. To use the product, simply unpack the pouch from the box. Do not open the pouch! Roll your tongue inwards and place the pouch between your teeth and gums. Press the sachet against your teeth and let it satisfy your nicotine craving.


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