4 Things You Should Never Cheap Out On When It Comes to Your Car


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When you love your car, and enjoy driving it, you care about it a lot and do everything you can to maintain the value of this asset. You want the car to be clean, working well and safe when you’re on the road. For many people, owning a car can feel like a money pit of never ending costs, and it’s really quite tempting to try and take some shortcuts to make it a lot better on your wallet.

Thousands of dollars are wasted, and beautiful cars are damaged when people decide to be cheap. The truth about car ownership is that you have to be willing to do your part to take care of it. Not only does it make driving it even better, it also means you can get more money for it if you ever decide to sell. There are some really important areas of your car where you should never skip or skimp out on and cut financial corners. Here are a few.


As a car owner, you have to be prepared for anything and insurance is one of those must-haves we often overlook and neglect because it feels like a grudge purpose. You never know what could happen on the road, and you want it to be financially taken care of in the event that it does happen. By putting money towards your car insurance, you ensure that damage to your car won’t be a financial catastrophe. According to the Barnes firm New York attorneys, it’s important to plan ahead for issues that might arise when you’re behind the wheel. It’s always about being a step ahead to avoid nasty surprises and circumstances.

Untested Hacks

Just do a quick search on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and you’ll find thousands of car hacks that promise to save you money and make your ride better, but keep your interaction with this kind of content limited to viewing only, not implementation. Car hacks promise everything from using a tennis ball to fix a scratch, enhance the sound of your exhaust, or use a potato to replace a missing shifter knob and so much more.

The thing about these hacks is that they are only good in theory. Sure, they make for a great video to watch and buzz about, but are they the best thing to do with your prized possession of your car? Not so much. The best hacks are proven and tested over and over so that everyone who does them gets the same outcome. The last thing you want to do is end up with an insane repair bill that could have been avoided by going to the professionals in the first place. Moral of the story: don’t let social media trick you into ruining your car.


This is very different to social media car hacks, it’s more about the mechanics who work on your car or service it. There are thousands of people who claim to be mechanics, but some of them will leave you with more problems than when your car first drove into their garage. It’s quite tempting to take the cheap option, but the thing about cheap things is that you often end up paying double or even triple for them. A car is an asset, and if you want to get years of driving pleasure out of it, you have to invest in it. That means being willing to get reputable, quality work done on your car. Look for people who have a good reputation and a track record of great service. The last thing you want is to make a regrettable mistake.

Skipping Service

Cars require regular servicing in order to make sure they are performing at the highest level. We’re always made aware of the intervals at which our cars need servicing, and it’s really tempting to skip one and do it later. Car servicing is a very important part of maintaining your car and making sure it’s an investment that can go far, literally. Skipping service can affect everything from the car’s fuel efficiency, the safety when it comes to brakes, and many other things that are critical to the experience of driving your car every single day.

Your car is a prized possession, and you want to do your very best to take care of it. When it comes to the decisions you make, it’s important to avoid the cheap variety and to invest in quality repairs and work. That way you won’t end up regretting cutting corners, and you don’t cut the lifespan and quality of your car in half.


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