Which Has a Higher Chance of Winning: Online Betting or Live Betting?


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Sports betting is one of the most common types of gambling activities people engage in smartbettingugide. However, there are many countries that have imposed limits when it comes to sports betting. One can only bet about approx. money on one sporting event during the game. For example, if a person wants to place a bet on his favorite tennis player, he must do so during a new or second tennis set. Although this rule is supposedly implemented to control the amount of gambling activity, there are still some people who are involved in sports betting around the world. Many states as well as states allegedly issued statements on this matter.

Types Of Online Sports Betting

There are several types of sports betting that you can do online. Some of them are popular in your country, but also not popular in other continents. You just need to be selective in choosing this type of sport and the people who like it. So that you don’t lose since the prediction of the first leg.

Online Soccer Gambling Game

Soccer betting is gambling that uses soccer as a betting medium with predetermined betting rules. This bet uses various markets or odds to balance the chance.

Until now, soccer betting enthusiasts have consistently increased significantly. It is inseparable from how easy it is to win the bet. In general, players who lose because of placing bets with a high desire to get a lot of money in a short time.

If players can play calmly and place bets consistently, it is not difficult to get money from soccer betting.

Online Basketball Gambling Games

The most famous basketball betting method is the money line. This bet guesses who will win the match in full innings or four quarters. In this money line, a Handicap is offered with voer 0 (without voer) and over 1.5 balls; the blue numbers show the market numbers in the bet. At the same time, the red numbers and black numbers show the odds or Kei where these odds will affect your victory or defeat later.

If the odds of the team you choose are red, you will get the same as your bet amount, but if you lose, it can exceed your bet nominal. While the odds of a black number can get more than the nominal, you put if you win. You don’t have to pay more if you lose, just according to the little bet you placed.

Golf Betting Game

Golf is a sport usually for the upper class in Western countries and is famous worldwide today. With that development, online betting has also met the demands of players regarding online golf betting. Online golf betting is a form in which players bet on cases set by the house in golf. Each golf course usually has 9 to 18 holes.

So what’s the golf bet, most 18-hole golf courses require Golfers to finish within 72 standard clubs. Usually, the number of holes and clubs will be calculated as follows: 4 holes with three traditional clubs, four holes with five classic clubs, and ten holes with three traditional clubs. As such, these rules may vary depending on the design of each golf course.


Tennis is a sport for 2 or 4 players divided into two teams. Everyone will use the net racket to hit the blue tennis ball on the opponent’s court. There are usually points on the tennis courts, so every player needs to hit tennis in those places. Opposing players need support so that the opponent does not have a chance to score.

Like basketball betting, tennis betting is how players place bets on tennis matches provided by bookies. If the match prediction is correct, the player wins the bet according to the odds offered by the bookie.

Which Is The Easiest?

Today, there are many sports where betting has become a serious industry, but the most popular globally is, without a doubt, football. This sport has so many sources that you can see through television broadcasts, paid applications, to various sites available in English. So many trusted sites across the continent that carry football gambling as their main commodity. You can watch predictions, statistics, and individual game patterns for yourself to make the right forecast.

Believe it or not, even football betting is capable of influencing the game itself. This means that there are so many football gambling mafias who are willing to win their favorite club with a fairly high fee. The courage of online gambling sites is also reflected in the sports sponsors available on billboards in several stadiums. Our question is, which side are you on? Of course it all depends on the football club itself. Not all football clubs receive fresh money from the gambling mafia, as well as the State Football Federation which has strict rules.

You can see these facts in every match on the weekend, or some of the news available on online platforms. To make it easier for you to choose the featured team.


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