A complete guide to post-moving essentials



Moving to a new place is a very tedious and emotionally draining event and the post-moving period is not less challenging either. Messed up house adds more to the trauma of adjusting to a new place. The post-moving period can be sadistic and discouraging as you may feel out of place and may miss that homely feel. The most trusted out of state movers explain that new people and new surroundings may make you sick and this all may make it very tough for you to adjust to your new place.

But you can certainly avoid this stressful and confusing part of your move and can have a better start at your new house by following some guidelines given below. Following these suggestions will ease down the process of moving and transition.

Though we all know that unpacking is the first step after moving, many other things are to be checked and completed immediately after moving.

Organize Your Post-move Time Perfectly

Make a to-do list for your post-move tasks that should include all the tasks related to a residential move including change of postal address, finding a good health care provider, a good school near your new house (in case you have school-going children), transfer of your utility services in case of a local move and transfer of your vehicle registration in case of a cross-country move. Transferring your bank accounts is also an important task to be done soon after your move. These tasks are very important to organize your new home.

Unpack Your House

Though unpacking your home is time-consuming and can be stretched for longer than imagined, certain things need to be unpacked immediately after the move. Bedroom and bathroom are two places that should be organized at priority. Taking a long shower after a whole day’s hard work will be your first need so it is advised to set up your bathroom first and then your bedroom to have a good night’s sleep. Unpacking of your essential stuff should be done immediately while things like decorations and seasonal clothes can take a back seat for some time.

Check Your New House Properly

No matter how cautiously you set up your new house, you will find several problems when you will move in and start living there. Inspect your new house for any leakages, pre-existing damages, and/or infestations. Make sure you get these problems solved at the earliest to avoid any problems later. Take readings of your electric and water meter and note them down for future references. Security of your house should be your primary concern, make sure the house is properly secured from any illegal or unauthorized access. See if smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are placed properly and in the right places.

Postal Address

Irrespective of the distance, a change of postal address is a common post-move task. It is important to change your postal address at all needed places else you will keep getting mails at your old address and that can be very overwhelming. It is better to change your postal address at the earliest. You can easily edit your postal address online by following some simple steps guided by your service provider and/or postal office.

You can also ask new tenants or owners at your old house to forward your mail to your new address till the address is changed.

Health Care Providers

Moving to a new place is a very stressful event both mentally and physically. Even small health problems can be bothersome when you will not have your old health service provider around. Finding a good health care provider near your new home should be on your utmost priority list after the move.

Get Your Vehicle Registered

If you have moved interstate or cross country, it is highly recommended to get your vehicle registered at the new state. You may even need to transfer your driving license in case of some states. Motor vehicle registration time varies from state to state so it is advised to complete all the transfer-related work at the earliest to avoid any unwanted fines or penalties.

Find the Right School

Don’t take this step very easy, make sure you research properly before choosing a school for your kids. It is important to understand the reputation and location of the school so that your child can grow in a healthy atmosphere. You can seek recommendations from your neighbours and friends for a good school. Make sure you visit the shortlisted schools before registering your child. Also, keep all the required documents ready to avoid any last-minute delay in the registration and/or admission process.

Make Friends and Start a Life

Having someone to talk to is a must as we all are social animals and cannot survive alone. It is very important to make friends at your new place to avoid post-move separation anxiety. Making some new and good friends at your new place will help in settling better.

No matter how many new friends you get, stay in touch with your old friends to overcome any relocation stress or depression.


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