Can You Delete Yourself from the Internet?



Have you ever thought about totally removing yourself from the World Wide Web? Are you tired of the drama that comes with being on social media? Perhaps you are also tired of always being distracted by the online world. Maybe you’re even concerned about your personal privacy because you do so much online and there is always a threat of data breaches and other cyber crimes.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to get off the internet, is it possible to delete yourself? Well, maybe not entirely, as there might be certain accounts that you need to maintain, and there are likely going to be public records that you can’t do anything about. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t delete yourself by removing information that you can control. Keep reading to see what we mean.

Figure Out Which Websites Are Posting About You

To start the process of deleting yourself from the internet, you need to figure out which sites have posted content about you. If you contributed to a site in the past, you can ask them to take the content down. Or, if you come across websites that have posted information about you, you can contact them to tell them that, for privacy reasons, you’d prefer if they took that information down.

As you search for sites that have posted details about you, you’re bound to find listings with your contact details and background information on people search websites. There are many of these types of sites out there, and Radaris is just one example. Thankfully, you can use the Radaris opt out page to request the removal of your listings.

Another people search website that might be displaying your information is FastPeopleSearch, so go through the FastPeopleSearch opt out page to further delete yourself from the internet.

And it doesn’t stop there, as there are so many more of these sites. Another example is SearchPeopleFree. Again, just look for the SearchPeopleFree opt out page to gain control over where your information is found online.

Deactivate All of Your Online Accounts

In order to remove yourself from the internet, you need to delete any accounts that are associated with you. Again, you might not be able to delete every single account you have ever created, and you might someday find yourself in a position that will require you to create an online account. But, in the meantime, you can delete things like your social media accounts, your shopping accounts, and various other subscriptions that you had signed up for through the years.

If you want to hold onto any of the data that is associated with any of your online accounts, see if there is an option to download a backup of that data. For instance, some social media platforms might let you download your data so you can still have it even after you delete the account.

Delete Your Email Addresses Only When You’re Ready

You might need at least one email address, even though you are working so hard to delete yourself from the Internet. But if you have multiple email addresses, you can delete the rest, especially if you are no longer using them. Just be sure that you only do this after you’ve deleted all of your other accounts, just in case any of those accounts are associated with email addresses you’re planning on getting rid of.


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