How to Play Nemesis in “Dead by Daylight”


play Nemesis in Dead by Daylight

One of the things that contribute immensely to the popularity of this game is the continuous
updates. For example, did you know that “Dead by Daylight” started with three killers only? Now, it has
increased the number to 24. Also, there were just four survivors then, but now, the game features 27

By adding Nemesis now, the developer takes the Survivors to another scary race from a vicious
killer. This new killer is at the middle level between top killers like Spirit and Nurse, but at least he has more strength than the likes of Trickster and Clown.

So, if you want to play Nemesis to the best levels, this article is for you. We will help you a little
with some “Dead by Daylight” hacks and important information on the latest killer. With all of these
strategies, you’ll be a deadlier Nemesis.

How to Play Nemesis

1. Understand the Killer’s power

The power of this killer is known as the T-Virus. It releases two abilities called Tentacle Strike &
Zombies. This Strike attack contaminates Survivors when it hits them once. But when it hits
them a second time, it will damage their health. Fortunately, a contaminated Survivor can heal
himself using the rare vaccine, but when he does, Nemesis will know their location instantly.
Another power that Nemesis has is the Mutation Rate. Every Tentacle Strike earns Mutation
Rate for Nemesis. If he hits two Survivors, he will upgrade to Mutation Rate 11. But to upgrade
to Mutation 111, Nemesis has to hit Zombies. Once he has reached this level 111, his Tentacle
Strike will be very powerful to break walls and pallets.

The last power that Nemesis has is Zombies. The killer identifies the undead through their white
aura. Then, when he hits them with Tentacle Strike, he destroys them and moves faster to
Mutation Rate 111.

So, if you want to play Nemesis, understand how to use these powers to your advantage. For
example, don’t use Tentacle Strike all the time because it even slows down your speed. Instead
use it when your basic attack can’t work.

2. Choose the right Perks.

The three perks that you can use as Nemesis are Lethal Pursuer, Sloppy butcher, and Eruption.
The Lethal Pursuer reveals the aura from Survivors for 9 seconds max. Sloppy butcher helps the
killer to spring a surprise attack on Survivors while Eruption slows down the repair of the
generators. When Nemesis uses Eruption, the Survivor fixing the generator goes down but to
activate it, the killer must kick a generator.

Other perks to check include “A Nurse’s Calling,” “Barbecue and Chill” and “Save the best for Last.” But some perks may not be relevant when playing Nemesis. For instance, you don’t need perks such as Spirit Fury, Brutal Strength or Enduring. Likewise, pallet perks won’t be necessary when your Tentacle Strike is active.

3. Speed up your Mutation

If you want to become a true terror to Survivors, try to increase the Mutation rate faster. Killing
Survivors increases it but killing zombies makes it faster. So, don’t wait around if the Survivors
are not coming; take your Zombies out and increase your power.

When you level it up to Mutation level 111, you can push walls down and break pallets apart.

4. Always remove the pallets.

One attack strategy that Survivors have is to throw pallets at the Killers. So, when you’re playing
Nemesis, always remove these pallets when you come across them. They will slow you down and even destroy the zombies that accompany you. To destroy a pallet easily, use the Tentacle Strike.

5. Get the important Add-Ons.

If you want to maximize your power as Nemesis, take some Add-Ons to enhance your strength.
Some of the ones we recommend include Damaged Syringe, Ne-a Parasite, Adrenaline Injector,
Depleted Ink Ribbon, T-Virus Sample, Marvin’s Blood, etc.

All these Add-Ons will help you to weaken and defeat more Survivors in the game. For instance,
if your use the NE-a Parasite, contaminated Survivors will enter the Oblivious state for 60
seconds and won’t even hear you until you pounce on them.

6. Use Zombies When necessary.

Zombies are like tools in the hands of Nemesis. These undead assistants spawn with the killer
into the map. So, you can use them to hinder Survivors from getting away from you. Zombies
make the prey easy to contaminate for you. Also, when you need to increase your Mutation rate,
don’t wait for Survivors when you have Zombies. Kill one of them and grow in power.


You can be a deadly Nemesis in “Dead by Daylight” if you know what to do. We have explored
the powers, the perks, add-ons and others. Try to maximize the information and enjoy the game.
Remember, the Tentacle Strike slows you down as well, so use it when it is necessary.


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