Overall fitness tips for men to remain healthy


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Obesity in men is a common problem: As per research work, nearly three out of four men are either obese or overweight and never pay attention to physical activity. These figures are surely creating an alarming situation for men to remain fit, as extra body weight invites many diseases, and no one wants such a condition. So, let’s end your relationship with the pizza delivery boy and lessen your couch time. It’s high time to remain fit to take care of your loved ones by paying attention to your fitness.

Find a fitness buddy

Till now, if you haven’t focused on any physical exercise, then you need a fitness buddy to keep yourself motivated. Working out with your friend will keep you focused and will give you a feeling of competition, especially if your friend is more advanced and can make you feel challenged. In such a case, you will work hard to match with him and meet your goals.

Read package labels

Reading labels while purchasing any food item is mandatory, as this will limit the consumption of processed food that contains more amounts of Trans fat and sugar. Instead, choose high fiber foods which should contain more than 3 grams of fiber in one serving. In addition, picking fresh food instead of processed meats or prepackaged meals can meet your body’s requirement of daily nutrients.

Quit Smoking

This may sound impossible to you, as it can’t happen in a day, but you can surely make this happen with strong willpower. Men who smoke are at high risk of heart diseases, respiratory problems, and diabetes. In addition, smoking is responsible for all lung- related diseases in men.

Also, smoking increases the risk of cataracts or optic nerve damage in your eyes. So, even if you wear sunglasses or prescription sunglasses outside, still your eyes are at risk because of your smoking habit.

Take an interest in cooking

When you follow all the healthy diets and have started cooking at home, use healthy ingredients in your cooked food. For example, go with baked, steamed or grilled items instead of deep-fry. Cook in healthy oil like olive oil or canola instead of butter. Also, season your food with dried or fresh herbs and not salt. If you are eating outside, ensure that your food is prepared in healthful ways.

Involve in a strength training exercise

Strength training is a pivotal part of fitness plans to burn extra calories. You don’t have to join any gym or tone your muscles for shedding calories. It can be done at home or even in your office. Try push-ups to tone your chest, triceps and shoulders and of course, you can do this anywhere. You can also do squats or lunges as it involves multiple muscle movements and is easy to add in your routine.

Say yes, to simple cardio workouts

Simple cardio exercises can keep you heart-healthy and burn extra calories. Running is a good exercise if you are a beginner. Start with walking and gradually turn it into running. You can also shed calories with simple steps like standing up more during office time, opting for stairs rather than the elevator, or parking your vehicle far from your office.

Try new foods to avoid boredom

Adding new foods to your diet will keep your interest in eating and will give your body a wide variety of nutrients. However, sticking to a narrow range of items, which are even good for your health, will make you deficient in some vitamins and minerals found in other foods. To change your taste, you can also try exotic fruits and vegetables along with some whole grains.

Follow the above tips and see the difference in your fitness level. You may not see a change in your body in a few days, but surely in a few months, you will be happy to see the outcome of your hard work.


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