4 Food Delivery Services



When you’re in the mood for your favorite pasta dish or burrito, you may not be want the hassle heading to the restaurant or drive-thru when you have a busy schedule. Food delivery services are convenient to use and can allow the food you order to be delivered to your front door. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to placing an order, there are a few apps to use to ensure you can get what you need within the hour.


Foodpanda is one of the largest international food delivery apps in the world. The brand services Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia currently with plans to expand their reach into new markets. Customers can order food from restaurants in their local area by entering their zip code on the Foodpanda Google Play or Apple Store app. You can find Foodpanda coupons across the web to use the service and get up to 19% back on all your purchases.


As one of the most popular food delivery services nationwide, DoorDash offers recommendations to ensure you can find new places to order from, whether you prefer to order a salad or hamburger. The monthly delivery fee is waived when you sign up for a subscription, making this a great option for those who plan to order a meal more than once throughout the month.

You can even view the “Yum Score,” which is a rating that shows how much other customers enjoy certain eateries and restaurants. The app is also unique because it gives you the opportunity to order wine and alcoholic mixers.


Located in over 40,000 cities in the U.S., Grubhub has a subscription option of $9.99 each month and has an extensive reach. It delivers food from both local restaurants and national chains to ensure customers have more options and a broader selection. They’re known for partnering with some of the top restaurants, even small businesses that the locals frequent.

It’s easy to use the Grubhub app because you have the option of searching for restaurants by location or cuisine for added convenience. You can even track your order and determine where the driver is located. You also have the option of instructing the driver where you prefer them to leave the meal. Many people enjoy this app because they can order food as frequently as they want and enjoy free delivery with the subscription service.


Similar to Grubhub, Seamless has an extensive reach and is available in over 4,000 cities throughout the country. The fees vary depending on what restaurant you order from each time. It’s an easy app to use because it supports multiple forms of payment and has full menu options available without added fees.

Seamless allows you to browse by location or food and can even deliver the food straight to your home or office. It’s known for having the best coverage in New York City and allows you to order from larger chain restaurants to mom and pop shops, depending on what you prefer. If you want to save more on the cost of each delivery, you can sign up for their subscription service, which is only $9.99 each month.

Wrap Up

By downloading a few of the top delivery service apps available, you can have more options when it comes to getting your lunch or dinner delivered to your front door. It can allow you to save time and money while still getting the chance to indulge in your favorite menu items throughout the week.


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