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PDF is a format that is known by all students. It is simple, convenient, and incorporates several helpful features. One of the reasons people fall in love with PDF is because it is easy to convert diverse document formats to PDF and vice versa. Although PDF is immensely popular, not many users are aware of the editing potential of the PDF reader. 

Editing PDF Documents Online

Online editing of PDF files is easier than ever before. A plethora of functions in either paid or free versions of the software allows users a wide range of options for modifying files. You may know about converting PDF, but what about merging or bulk signing the documents? Below, you can see essential tips for editing PDF files.

Easy conversion using Google Docs

It doesn’t matter which editor you prefer, you can always add the software to Google Docs for further conversion. Nearly everyone uses this word processor for studying and work, making it a versatile editing option. To start using your PDF editor with Google Docs, do the following:

  • Find the gear/wheel-like button, click on it, and select ‘Settings’ among the options

  • You will see the command ‘Convert Uploads’. Check the box to convert uploaded files to the Google Docs editor format.

  • Upload the PDF document you need to the Google Drive account. To do this, click ‘New’, then ‘File Upload’ 

  • Double click on the file. The option ‘Open With’ will appear at the top of the document. You can now open the PDF with Google Docs by selecting the correct version. 

  • You can easily edit the converted file as an ordinary Google Docs file.

Modify the document using a PDF editing tool

Years ago, PDF editors were not popular amongst average users. However, the demand has grown significantly. First, PDF editors are a relatively affordable and straightforward online tool to make various changes to your files. PDF editors also have a set of features that really puts the software above everything else. 

Merge or Split PDF files

Digital files and paper-based scans can drive you insane if the information you need is always scattered about. It’s even worse if you lose the one file that is critical for a general understanding of the topic. It is better to have all of the files on a topic in one place and it is twice as good if you can make a master document compiled of different pieces. 

The merging feature is not a novelty though. You can find practical online apps that combine several files into a bigger one. PDF editors can do it in just a few clicks. Why use a separate merging tool if you can use software that has all the necessary features? 


What’s more, such software allows users to carry out another important task; splitting. If you need to divide a single work into several parts for the sake of convenience, you can break up the original file using the ‘Split’ option. It is useful when you only need a specific part of the file and don’t want to spend time searching for the right page.

Review PDF like a pro

People who need to check reports, projects, summaries, or homework online will be impressed with how a PDF editing instrument can simplify the entire process! When editing PDF documents, you will want to have functions that are similar to writing by hand. This is precisely what you get in the best PDF editing tool:

  • Page rotation can come in handy when you are working with photos of documents or homework. The image might be upside down or formatted in a way that must be reviewed. Thus, the rotating function helps to turn the document so that everything is clear and you can check the content.

  • The annotation feature is critical if you need to look through several massive PDFs. You have the option of leaving notes, questions, and clarifications in the text. The person who is working with you can reply at their convenience. You can turn your focus to reviewing other documents and when the person responds, you will get a notification. This eliminates the need to call someone, write a message, or distract them in any other way.

  • You can also highlight parts of the text, modify images, delete or paste new content when editing PDF online. It’s possible to change the font, use figures, lines, or strike through unnecessary sentences. As for the rest of the editing, users can delete pages, change their order, crop, or add a new blank page.

File Compression 

File compression is vital for several reasons. First, it saves computer memory; you will not have to search for additional means to save dozens of files. Some files will not fit the size limits defined by a messenger. Therefore, you can decrease your file’s size using one of the PDF editor’s functions. 

Most PDF editing instruments have the Compress icon right on the toolbar. Therefore, you will have no trouble finding the feature. You will need to click on the ‘Get Started’ button, upload the PDF document or choose it from Google Drive storage. That’s it! Now you have a compressed version of the file.

These are some basic tips before you begin PDF editing online. Consider the feature set offered by a certain software before you start using it or make a purchase. There are some other advanced options, and often these options can be found in the paid versions only. However, the basic editing tool set is available in nearly every online PDF editor. Enhance your skills using a simple yet effective tool.



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