3 Tips for Achieving the Lifestyle You Want



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It’s normal to feel, from time to time, that your lifestyle isn’t quite what you’d like it to be, and this isn’t always a bad thing. Dissatisfaction can be a motivation for new growth, and can lead to healthy changes. But when we fail to live up to our goals for personal betterment, the feeling of discouragement can be crushing.

Instituting major changes in your life is not a short-term thing, and if you really want to achieve your ideal lifestyle, it’s going to require careful strategizing. With the right plan, however, it is possible to turn things around.

Here are three tips that can get you started.

1. Set Achievable Goals

Most real change in life is incremental. Even with the best intentions and iron discipline, you’re probably not going to transform overnight. Instead, you should set manageable, achievable goals that you can make progress toward every day. This way, as you pass milestones that you’ve set for yourself, you’ll feel like you’re actually getting somewhere.

For example, if one of the big goals you have is to get into a loving, emotionally-healthy relationship, don’t obsess over trying to find the perfect person right away. Instead, put yourself out there and be open to lots of different possibilities. Count every good interaction and enjoyable date as a victory in-and-of itself.

One way to stay grounded in your dating journey is to check out this audiobook guide to surviving modern dating that will help you remember that you’re not alone, and that dating and relationships are something everyone struggles with.

2. Make a Concrete Plan

Once you’ve set your goals, you need to figure out a game plan for reaching them. For example, if you want to lose ten pounds in a month, listening to expert advice from audiobooks like Alex King’s How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days will help you figure out what meal plan and workout routine will get you there.

Sticking to a workout and meal plan is not easy (at least at first), so keeping a record of what you eat and how many workouts you do will help you stay honest. Learning more about how diet impacts your wellbeing can also help you stay focused, so get fit with these titles that will help expand your understanding of the body and its relationship to food and exercise.

3. Build Motivational Rituals into Your Daily Routine

Some mornings, you wake up ready to take on the world. Other days, it takes all you have just to get out of bed. This is normal, and the best way to deal with it is through establishing good routines that help you over the humps.

Finding space in every day to reconnect with what’s important and re-visualize your goals is essential for staying the course, and listening to audiobooks in the morning or over your lunch hour can be a great way to find your motivation even on the hardest days.

Whatever your personal struggles might be, there probably isn’t a silver bullet that will lay to rest your anxieties and ensure that you start each day feeling empowered and full of life. If you want to live in a better way, mapping out the steps that will get you there is the best way to proceed.

Fortunately, there’s a good chance other people have walked this road before you, and learning from the wisdom they have to share in audiobooks is a great way to make lasting changes.


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