The Latest Tech Trends in the Online Casino Industry


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Digitalisation has affected the way many industries operate and how they make use of the latest technological advancements in order to stay relevant. Online casinos have not been spared from these changes and they need to keep innovating their products if they want to meet the expectations of their customers. New trends constantly emerge and transform this huge industry and, so far, it has embraced all technological developments to the maximum.

Live Dealers

Live dealer games have been on the rise due to their attribute of being more personal and offering a more authentic experience. This human interaction is key to keeping players engaged for longer periods of time in games of slots or blackjack. For example, blackjack online at Casino Betfair uses the latest video streaming technology available to ensure players get the highest-quality live game from the comfort of their home. The atmosphere, together with the real blackjack tables and the professional live dealers, create an immersive gaming experience.

Online operators recognise the importance of the human touch in their offerings, so they take all necessary measures to deliver. Before the introduction of live dealers, they used random number generators to deal cards for all games but, with the rapid development of live streaming, it became possible to use a real dealer to oversee a game. Online casinos are now concentrating their efforts on giving customers the closest to real-life experience possible, which is why live dealers are not going anywhere any time soon.

Varied payment methods

More and more online casino sites have started accepting a range of payment methods, such as e-wallets and Bitcoin, as means of payment, with it only being the beginning of this trend. The advantage of this form of payment is that it offers full anonymity and increased security compared to other traditional methods. Those who value their privacy and who want to be untraceable will definitely start looking into switching to crypto next time they gamble.

On top of that, the rise in cryptocurrency will also mean less chances of identity theft and hacking. While traditional payment methods are not going anywhere, for now, adopting this development would improve user experience. This year has seen an increase in the availability of digital currencies in a range of industries, with people being able to use it for anything – deposits and withdrawals in entertainment and purchases for everyday products. Considering all of its advantages and the openness the industry shows towards digitalisation, it is a trend that people need to keep an eye on.

Virtual Reality Gaming

VR has been one of the hottest trends of this year and will continue to be so for the years to come. Since there is a lot of potential revolving around this technology, the online casino industry might start looking into taking advantage of it. With VR, players could be in their homes with the headset on and feeling like they are in a real casino, sitting at a table and waiting for the dealer to shuffle the cards.

These headsets have also become more commercialised in recent years and are now widely available to the general public, meaning it is only a matter of time until VR-based gaming gets to be the next big thing. Because this technology has the ability to offer an interactive and immersive gambling experience, it is highly likely that online casinos will adopt it soon.

Thanks to all these developments, online casinos have been able to create better gambling experiences for their users. Embracing these technologies and being up to date with the latest innovations is vital to offering a personalised experience to each one of them.


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