Five Cheap Ways to Class Up Your Home



Home remodelings tend to be expensive and time-consuming. But then, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the elegant and picturesque interior you desire. Instead of breaking the bank, here are five affordable ways to class up your home.

High ceilings

High ceilings can make a room feel more spacious and elegant. However, since your home is already built, raising the ceiling isn’t an option. Instead, get floor-to-ceiling curtains. Their length will create the illusion of high ceilings. You should also look out for colors that match your room to complete the appearance of class.

Other tricks for high ceilings include getting skinny bookshelves and installing full-length mirrors. Skinny bookshelves can pull the eyes upward and create a feeling of extra vertical space. Full-length doors, on the other hand, will give the hallway more space than you’re used to.

Get a fresh coat of paint

Even if you keep stains off the wall, age and the weather will strip your wall paint of its shine. The duller the paint, the more rustic the room feels. However, a fresh coat of paint can solve all that in a heartbeat.

Instead of DIYing it, consider hiring a professional painter. They will do a much better job. Plus, you can incorporate some patterns and designs into your wall paint. These will last longer and look better than plain old wallpaper.

Get more light

There’s a reason why some pictures look better than the real-life models. It’s the same reason why homes made of glass have an irresistible allure. Light makes everything beautiful, and more often than not, more light means a better appreciation of beauty.

An inexpensive way to add more light would be to repair old light fixtures and install new ones. If you have a modestly robust budget, you can even install new windows with clear glass panes.

Replace your accessories

While ramping up your room’s illumination, you should also consider replacing light switches and other accessories around your home. Wall sockets have evolved so much since the thick and clunky models available in the early 2000s.

You can also get sleek accessories like doorknobs and drawer handles to complement the look. Keep in mind that every old-fashioned item will potentially hold your home back from its true beauty.

Go minimal

Minimalism is the way to go if you’re trying to achieve a classy look on a budget. It harnesses the power of “less is more” by focusing only on the essential items. The challenge with minimalism is, it requires a significant amount of thought to pull off. This is because we’re used to having stuff lying around.

Pinterest can be a very valuable resource, especially when you don’t know where to start. Explore the thousands of ideas there and see what works for you. You can also pull wall art ideas from there to beautify your space. They take up little room, but add flavor to the room’s essence. Since you’re going for low cost, consider printing your own wall art on foam boards at

The Bottom Line

They say a person’s home is their castle, so it makes sense to make your home as classy and elegant as possible. With these tips, you can. Which are you going to start with?


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