How to sell your unwanted junk car online


old Chevy pickup truck

Many people believe that figuring out how to sell their unwanted used car is much worse than buying a new one. Fret not, there are several ways through which you can sell your car online.

This article will help you navigate through the process of getting your car ready to sell. This includes advertising on places like Craigslist and Facebook, and also nationwide car buying companies like RunBidSell, Carvana, etc.

Selling your junk car on Craigslist:

If you have a beaten commuter car, Craigslist is the best place for you. Craigslist is a popular platform for many people when it comes to finding a good deal on used cars. To place your ad on Craigslist, all you need to do is visit the website. There you can see the state and city names. Choose your location and follow the on-screen dialogues to complete the entire process.

Advantages of using Craigslist to sell your car:

The service doesn’t cost you money
Convenient to use, you don’t even have to open an account
The post reaches people within your community
You can share your car’s picture, which increases the chances of selling

Disadvantages of using Craigslist to sell your car:

Ads don’t reach outside the specific area, which is a major hurdle
Craigslist is a notorious place for some people. Scary stories all over the internet put a question
on safety issues. Many people have been robbed of while they were trying to sell things

Selling your junk car on Facebook:

Unlike Craigslist, you can’t run ads on Facebook. But, you can pay for those ads. The concept is to connect with people on this platform and let them know you’re selling your car. People who are within your friend circle know you well, and they can trust you. This is quite different from any random guy on Craigslist. And, the chances of selling your car gets increased.

Advantages of using Facebook to sell your car:

The platform is free to use
There is a good chance your friends could buy your car because they trust you.
With power tools, Facebook makes it easy for you to share everything related to selling your car.

Disadvantages of using Facebook to sell your car:

You can’t have the liberty to create a classified that have information about your car
The ad reaches a limited number of people who might have the least interest to buy a used car

Selling your car to a nationwide junk car buyer:

Locating a junk car buyer in your area is quite simple and easy. Google something like: “Junk
car buyer for cash near me”. And, you would find lots of them. Many of these companies will give you an instant online offer.

Advantages of using nationwide car buying services:

Hassle-free selling of used and junk cars
Instant quote and buying within minutes
No hidden fees
Free towing from your place

Disadvantages of using local companies to sell your car:

Certain local junk car buyer offers you less money than you van find buy selling direct to a retail buyer

Final thoughts:

Junk cars can be hard to sell. Many people are afraid of the high cost of repairs. Be sure to always state the car is being sold AS-IS, and encourage potential buyers to bring a mechanic. If selling to a car buying service, be sure to get several offers.


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