Signs of Life for Cinema


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The ongoing pandemic has caused plenty of ups and downs in the entertainment industry, some have been able to thrive and find huge successes such as the online gaming genre particularly for online gambling sites – the return of sporting events have meant that many fans who have been unable to attend the games have turned to their mobile devices instead and plenty of others have picked up the rapidly growing online casinos – there have been some changes to discourage this as some measures have been granted more authority, but as operators register in ways that allow them to avoid measures such as Gamstop, new players have been able to find success at to deliver their favourite titles.

Others haven’t been as lucky – namely the cinema and theatre industry. Closures and delays in releases had many institutions worried about their future as there had been concerns whether or not they would be able to open again, and approaches from some studios such as Disney as they had set to release their newest live action remake of Mulan directly to the streaming platform Disney+ had threatened to undermine the box office in some way, there’s still the possibility that other studios will choose to follow causing yet further problems.

There have been some signs of life for cinema however, namely in the recent release of the highly anticipated “Tenet” starring the likes of Robert Pattinson and John David Washington. The movie released to a $53 million overseas reception, and topping the charts for the territories it had been released in – although not typically an impressive number, it is quite the feat given the current situation most of the world is in. The title is also receiving some great responses, particularly as word-of-mouth starts to spread which could see the initial box office takings find an increase. It isn’t enough to completely stabilise the struggling industry, but it does allow a little breathing room and the possibility that the situation may not be as dire as many had hoped.

There are other big releases – both Wonder Woman 1984 and Black Widow are set to release in October and November respectively and rounding out this year of superhero movies, both expected to be big hits when they do drop. As expected December is packed with big titles too – the upcoming action comedy from Ryan Reynolds “Free Guy” might be one of the diamonds in the rough, the latest and perhaps last saga in the Daniel Craig Bond era is shortly upon us, Eddie Murphy’s sequel to the 1988 comedy “Coming to America” is also set to hit the screen in December, and of course perhaps the most anticipated movie of the year in Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” is still scheduled for the end of the year too – many fans will no doubt be hoping there aren’t. further delays, but also hoping that the ongoing pandemic and current speculation that a larger second outbreak could occur during flu season doesn’t lead to many cinemas and theatres having to close their doors once again.


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