Why Aren’t Guys Investing More in Online Dates?


Given the workload and busyness of our lives, a great many of the dating sites have become very popular. They save significant time while trying to find the person, with whom you want to have the relationships. Some of these sites are International dating sites, where many Slavic girls registered.

Also, a significant role in the exchange of information is given to mobility. Some people simply inconvenient to use the services of sites through the browser. It is much easier and more convenient to use the application.

Therefore, the number of websites that provide the ability to install applications has increased. Intuitive interface, functionality is the strengths of applications. It would seem an ideal ratio. But, for some reason, online dating sites are rapidly losing popularity.

The main reasons for the declining popularity of dating sites

  1. Goals. Many of those who start using the services of dating sites do not set themselves any goals. Basically, this is an acquaintance for the sake of acquaintance. No serious plans for the future.
  2. Lack of verification. Neither a man nor a girl is required to verify their identity. You cannot be sure that you are talking to this particular person. Some even create humorous profiles to have fun.
  3. The quality of services. Quality service cannot be free. Given the amount of effort, money, resources that have been spent and are spent on improving the service. You do take into account the quality of the engine oil when the pour it in the car? Or do you trust the free shares? Of course, if you want your car to last you a long time – you need high-quality materials and parts.

Interest in marriage sites

If you look broader, you can see great opportunities. Increasingly, the choice of sites or applications falls precisely on paid marriage sites. Why so? It is very easy to see everything on the opposition disadvantages of dating sites.

What are the main advantages of these sites? Very simple. Let’s start with the first one.


Everyone who is registered to them knows exactly its purpose. Both men and girls are looking for their soulmates. They seek a serious relationship. In general, communication is intended for getting to know each other, to open up to each other. Step by step to create a family. There will not come to flirt or just socializing. All of them are serious about their intentions.


Each profile: girls or men are being tested. Girls denied the opportunity to create without the involvement of the agency. The marriage agency, in turn, acts as a marriage broker. They carefully check the girl’s identity. At the next stage, verification is carried out by the site itself and its security system. In the case of checking the male profile, the same system applies. Should I be afraid of this? Not. This is a guarantee of your safety.

High-quality services

On paid sites, customer support is very active. You should not be afraid that you will remain unanswered. There will be no insoluble situation. How does it work? Simple enough. If you have any questions about using the website or any other questions – write to the site administrator. Open access will have all the information. The contact button with support service and contact information of the service provider company.


You should not worry about the fact that personal information can be used by someone else. Thanks for the copy protection.

The choice is always up to the consumer.

Back to the beginning. Sites for online dating are created just for communication. This may be an acquaintance for a date or just correspondence. There is very little chance that this will grow into something more. The competition can make any messengers. Marriage sites are created to help people unite in a union. It’s a big difference. The creators of these sites work in order to help people find exactly love.


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