5 Ideas for a Pop of Personality When Remodeling


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The home improvement shows we all see on TV can show us how easy it is to update a home while adding touches of our own personality. We instantly get dozens of ideas for our own home and begin to put pictures and sketches together. However, our ideas don’t look like the TV shows in the cold light of reality. Why not? How can we have a remodeled home with our personality lighting it up?

1. Keep It Simple Simon

The key to any home remodel is simplicity. To enhance that fresh coat of paint and new hardwood flooring, a little character is required. Two of the elements of interior design are harmony and emphasis. Ensure the flow of your room with very little clutter as well as using one piece as a focal point. Your pop of personality will rule.

As an example, those excited by country houses might use bypass barn door hardware on raw wood barn doors separating rooms. Barn doors are versatile bespeaking a laid-back atmosphere, or they could frame an elegant room. They make excellent pocket doors. They especially make great focus walls. They fit remarkably in any room in the house.

2. Showcase a Hobby

Let’s say you paint murals as a hobby. For $50 on Amazon, you can paint a plain white room divider with your favorite scene. It will add beauty and definite character to any room in your house.

Perhaps you fish. It’s fun making wall art of lures and hooks, using fishing rods in interesting patterns on the walls, or hanging pictures from a mounted rod. Old fishing rods make wonderful gone fishin’ wall sign holders, lamp bases, and even shower curtain rods.

3. DIY Something Special on the Walls

Everyone hangs paintings or family pictures on the walls. That’s so old school that you might want something different. Some folks use crates to hold knick-knacks, vintage signs, car bumpers, or vintage tea trays to hang on the walls.

Insert your own character in your rooms by using different textured textiles on the walls. Some people hang tapestries on their walls, but you have a better idea. Use at least nine feet of your choice of sheer or nubby fabric and tack it to a wall in geometric patterns, an X, or a peace sign. Now place your family pictures around something your guests will discuss for a long time.

4. Establish Vignettes

You see vignettes every day in pictures of homes. Some will have a cutting board on the kitchen island holding a loaf of homemade bread, a knife, and tiny crocks of homemade preserves. This homeowner loves cooking. You’ll see it in writers’ living rooms where several books are tied with a colorful ribbon next to a vintage magnifying glass and a collection of bookmarks.

You can make your own vignette highlighting times or accomplishments in your life. If you’ve written a book or ebook, you might have a vintage typewriter on a desk accompanied by onion-skin paper, carbon paper, and an eraser wheel.

Have you have taken your company to the top of its industry during your reign as CEO? Let people know what you’ve done by mounting a ladder on a wall. Hang from it or use its rungs to display items your company makes along with perhaps a first place blue ribbon.

5. Be Bold and Adventurous

Many homeowners are moving away from the safe neutrals of the last century. Today’s neutrals are bold colors replacing the white-beige-gray color wheel. If you can’t bring yourself to paint your rooms in-your-face colors, then consider using adventurous accessories.

As an example, you see pop art everywhere. You can have a sofa shaped like bright pink lips, saucer chairs in fire-engine red, and grape purple with textures like velvet and fur. How about window shades painted in ’60s psychedelic scenes, tapestries, and rugs printed with a philosophy close to or matching yours. You might want wall-sized paintings of Jackie Kennedy or Bob Dylan. We’re sure you get the picture.

The idea is to let your accessories fulfill the elements of interior design: color, form, texture, harmony, balance, and focus. These can definitely add a little character to your rooms.


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