How to Select the Perfect Music for Your Wedding


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Even though you will put quite a bit of effort into the little details of the event, your wedding day is going to be so hectic that it will be hard for you to focus on such things. Instead, it will be the larger details as well as the people who came to celebrate with you that will stand out in your mind when all is said and done.

The music played at your wedding is on the list of those key things that you remember about the entire day. Music will set the tone throughout the day and be the things that gets people up and dancing all night. From the special songs that you dance to with your new husband to the fun tunes that you rock out to with your friends, you want to make sure that the music at your wedding is just right.

Here are some suggestions that can help you to pick the perfect music for your wedding day.

Band or DJ?

The first question that you will need to answer about the music for your wedding is whether you want a DJ or a live band to play. There are pros and cons to both options, and ultimately it will completely depend upon the type of event that you are throwing, and your personal tastes.

A DJ will be able to play virtually any song that you want. That being said, there is no substitute for the energy that a live band can bring to a party. An experienced wedding band will be able to read the room to set the right tone for the event. They will get everyone up and partying with popular wedding reception songs and bring a unique element to the sweet moments such as the couple’s first dance and the father-daughter dance.

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Songs for the Special Moments

Throughout your wedding reception, there are going to be those classic, special moments like the father-daughter dance and the bouquet toss. Each of these things will need specific songs to play in the background. You and your wedding band or DJ should take the time together to find the right songs to play.

You will probably already have the song picked out that you and your new spouse will dance to for your first dance as a married couple. You must make sure that your band can play that song or learn it in time for the wedding.

The General Playlist

When you are compiling the list of songs that will play throughout your reception, you will want to break things down into songs for cocktail hour, dinner, and the party. You will want to be wary of simply picking out all of your favorite songs. Remember that while the day is all about you, you want your guests to have fun dancing to some popular and familiar tunes, as well!


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