Trendy Kitchen Designs in 2020



There was a time when the kitchen was not a very important part of the house. It is as important in terms of space as the concept of a kitchen dates back to much older times, as people realised the need of a separate space to cook food while a separate space to present it. Decades ago, the kitchen was hidden somewhere in the back of the house and nobody thought of it as a place that can act as an added beauty to the home. It was just the place to cook food and wash dirty dishes.

Today the kitchen has developed to be the focal point of the home. It is something which may bring people together after a long day, or may light up the beauty and warmth of the house. This change has increased the need to rethink about the kitchen design or even when one is going for the remodel of the Kitchen. Technological advancements and the changing social norms have contributed greatly to this rise. The clean and simple designs have become favourites of the many house owners and natural plays a crucial role in the modern-day kitchen.

The top trendy kitchen design which one could expect in a modern kitchen is-

Smart Kitchens

Technology has completely dominated every industry and it has not even left the kitchen of one’s home. In terms of technology, it is not just about modern appliances but modern kitchen includes everything from lighting to fridge to faucets everything which is technology integrated. The inclusion of smart gadgets in the kitchen makes it be called as a smart kitchen. This doesn’t exist a decade back but now has been revolutionising the homes. These kitchens have a neat and smart aspect of design. Motion- sensed equipped kitchen faucets, refrigerator which has more indicators and is smarter are what contributes towards a smarter kitchen.

Monochromatic and Black Kitchens

This kitchen range in the shade of Black, White, Charcoal and even midnight. This is a kind of colour scheme which gives an added elegant look to the kitchen. It is well planned and not just carry the appliance but the utensils of the same theme. This complements the modern apartment as well as could incorporate in a traditional home with a few changes to match the look. Dark interiors are gaining popularity and it has been common research that in recent time the search for dark or black interiors has grown over by 50%.

Cabinets Colours

Although white cabinets were a classic look which could be used in almost any kind of kitchen, they are on their way out. People are now going with different colour choice and are going with the mixing of various finishes. The pops of colour are most famous in the shades of blue and green. The neutral hades colours are also making their way into the kitchen through cabinets. Shaker styles cabinets are gaining popularity over the time, it is surprising how a dark colour cabinet at home could enhance the look and luxurious feel of the kitchen space in dramatic fashion.

Material and Texture

Farmhouse and mid-century design are still popular but people are now switching to a more streamed line version of their kitchen to match the aesthetic and design in a compact way. While coming home out of a stressful day streamlined lines and simple look is what could maintain your calm and thus streamed line kitchens are in growing fashion. A streamed line means considering the materials to use according to their texture. Use rough-cut wood for open shelving. Floor tiles could be natural stone or backsplash tiles. This texture makes the kitchen much more interesting as they have more to offer than simple glossy matte finish.

Painted Kitchen

This is the practical choice for those trying to give a modern look to their traditional kitchen. It gives emphasis both to the architecture of the kitchen as well as furniture in it. Creating the best colour palette and matching everything according to that is the simplest thing that can make the kitchen much more modern and planned. When painted furniture is paired with authentic raw materials like marble or concrete in the kitchen which could also be old it gives a smooth different kind of finish to the kitchen. This will create a durable kitchen with a classic finish and yet contemporary.


For a kitchen with high-end countertops quartz is still dominating the kitchen. The material is very hard and rigid and could last for a very long time along with which it adds a nice smooth basic finish. Granite is also one f the competitors but it requires slightly more maintenance than Quartz. The main worry when quartz arrived was the lack of variety and colours in terms of design but with time manufacturers have realised the importance of design and by implementing technology have provided a wide range of shades, design, colour to choose from.

Clever Storage

What is changing the game is a smart interior storage solution. This is not only about the kitchen but for home. Everybody is looking for a smarter way out there to save space and make their home look more spacey. There is a lot to store in the kitchen but withs mart deigning this space could be saved and much of it could be accommodated in the smaller section. This is achieved through multipurpose built-in appliances and compact and smarter shelves.

Eco-friendly kitchens

Moving into times when people are switching to eco-friendly home it is best and necessary to plan the kitchen in an eco-friendly way. This could include very basic steps as dedicating recycling bin cupboards, installing 3-1 hot water tap or choosing other options to reduce the waste of energy that may happen in a Kitchen.

These great designs have the potential of serving as your modern kitchen. If planning a home reconstruction or renovation do choose a smarter option that will make your home look elegant within given means. These ideas combine the best functionality and also adds the best aesthetic sense to your home.


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