What Impact Has Social Media Truly Had on Society


What Impact Has Social Media Truly Had On Society

In the last ten years, social media have made a giant leap forward. It has changed our daily life and business as well. Communication has evolved to a new level and social media is becoming a vital tool for humans. What effect do platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many others, cause on society? Let’s walk through the most significant features of new reality together.

Counting Likes And Self-Esteem

The little heart has become a universal symbol for showing appreciation, interest, and support. Getting many likes has become a sign of social approval for people. Brands gather them for making their products look more valuable and to form new trends.

Likes are the weird sort of currency online, and some users, and businesses too, are growing their position online with the help of paid services. For small blogs and brands who want faster development, it is a good way to boost it up. To do that they only need to find a site where they could buy 25 Instagram likes or more.

The tendency to compare oneself with other people through faves can lead to vulnerable users to problems with self-esteem. At the same time, online appreciation signs can help to recover it. With the growth of anxiety based on the numbers, the newest policy of Instagram is cutting off the like counter. Users, other than the creator, cannot see the exact amount of likes under the posts. With such actions, Instagram is fighting against the like dependency.

Business, Brands And Customers

Brands also find the impact of social media to be a positive change in their life. Nowadays, businesses who want to embrace the biggest audience, invest much effort, time, and money into SMM campaigns and influencer marketing strategies. Another interesting fact is that the advertising features that social networks offer, diminish the competition between small and big businesses. That is because the relationship between a customer and brand was changed and for good reason. It is not enough to sell your stuff now. And it doesn’t matter how big your brand is. You need to interact with your audience in real-time. Here what is important for a customer to see:

● Brand ethics and values
● Social and ecological initiatives
● Brand history
● Direct communication with the customers
● Entertainment, like backstages, insights and industry facts
● Fresh trends of the occupied industry

Business life was affected too. The biggest impact is felt in the sphere of hiring. By now, humans have a big platform that is developed primarily for job queries – LinkedIn. On this network, users can keep and update the information about their professional experience, current position, and their goals. HR’s can easily find and contact with potential employees to discuss solely professional skills. Cool, isn’t it?

New Level Of Connection

Social networks make a revolution in human communication. The contribution they make to the family and friendship bonds is huge. Thanks to modern technologies, you can speak with your beloved people on the other side of the globe just at the moment you want to, and you without extra charge. Big networks, especially visual ones, like Instagram and Facebook, can help us to feel closer to our friends and family.

With a personal aspect, global issues come up too. With the rise of social platforms and the improvement of smartphone technologies, everyone can become a news agency for the moment. People use social media to create volunteer groups, ask for help and share their stories to help others. Popular platforms help to spread the information and calls to action much faster, then traditional media. Society movements find big support within Instagram and other networks.

The Dark Side Of The Social Media Impact

However, it’s not all so simple about the effect the social platforms are bringing to society. There are many problems that people meet online.

Cyberbullying. This problem stands as one of the sharpest in the modern Internet. Social platforms are widely used by children and young adults, whose mental health can be severely damaged by other people. The bullying issue was sharp before that, but with the rise of technologies, it just gets worse. Now, bullies have another potential weapon that can lead to serious consequences. The victim can be affected by embarrassing photos and videos online, aggressive comments, threats and blackmailing. Most parts of bullies think that they can get away with that online.

Terrorism and propaganda. The negative side of social media development affects younger members of the community, who lack life experience. They can easily get involved in dangerous and illegal movements online. The information that is posted on Instagram or Facebook can be simply fake. Propaganda online is proved to be a powerful instrument, and governments tend to use it for their purposes. Some people are making fake posts and reposts for money, and create the vibe that the charterer wants. Terroristic organizations use social media to recruit new members in closed communities.

Lack of social skills in the real-life. The Internet can be very addictive. When people become addicted to it, they start losing a grip on the real world. Their image of the world becomes perverted. They prefer sitting at home with their smartphone rather than go outside and meet actual people. Also, people become afraid to make new friends and speak to the opposite sex. This leads to loneliness, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Privacy issues. Sometimes people share too much personal information. Revealing your address, for example, can attract thieves to your house. Posting embarrassing, provocative, or abusive content is a step towards not only being banned online but to lose your job and friends as well. Especially vulnerable are the kids. They can share something personal accidentally, but it can lead to identity theft, stalking, fraud, and in most severe cases, digital or real kidnapping.

The Conclusion

Social media can be a wonderful experience to have. It is the best way to reach out to your friends and family if they are far away. Social platforms are helping to make your voice heard and your story revealed to the whole world, if you want it. They can build a trustworthy relationship between you and your favorite brand.

But at the same time, people are forgetting that the internet is not a substitution of a life. They don’t think about the dangers that await them online. So the primary concern for all people is to make social platforms a safe space, where there’s no place for racism, sexism, bullying, and other disturbing things.


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