7 Tips for Hosting a Netflix Party for Beginners


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Did you know that, as of July 2020, there are over 182 million Netflix users worldwide? Odds are you and your friends are not only Netflix users, but you spend a great deal of time watching and talking about Netflix content together.

Well, what if we told you that you could watch Netflix with your friends without being in the room with them? Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong!

Thanks to Netflix Party, the Google Chrome extension, you can watch Netflix with your friends anywhere in the world at any time. You can even talk to them using the extension, creating a unique and fun experience for everyone involved.

In this article, we’ll break down seven awesome Netflix Party tips and tricks. We’ll tell you how to use it, as well as some ideas on how to take your party experience to the next level.

Now then, let’s get started!

1. Download Netflix Party

In order to have a Netflix party with your closest friends, you first need to download the Netflix Party extension. Doing so is as easy as installing the extension on your Google Chrome browser, which only takes a second and doesn’t require much work on your part.

You, along with anyone you want to have your Netflix Party with, has to have the extension installed before you can watch shows or movies together. So if you have a friend who isn’t tech-savvy, maybe try to help them out via video chat so they can get in on the fun too.

Don’t have a PC? Have a Mac instead? Don’t worry, you can still download Netflix on Mac and use the chrome extension to access Netflix Party!

2. Login to Your Netflix Account

Once you have the Netflix Party Google Chrome extension installed, it’s time to link it with your Netflix account. Clicking on the extension, which should be located in the top right corner of your browser after being installed, will open up a window that will walk you through this process.

Again, you and everyone planning to watch will need to do this in order to join the party. Also, making sure everyone has everything set up properly before you schedule a party time is a good idea, that way you don’t have any holdups.

3. Schedule a Party with Your Friends

So, you’ve got the tech stuff out of the way, it’s time to set up a time with your friends and family to watch a show or a movie together! This can be a bit harder than it may seem on paper, as people are busy, and matching up multiple schedules is quite difficult.

But if you plan a week or so in advance, you should be able to get everyone on board and have a good turnout for your Netflix Party. And the more people you have involved, the more people you have talking in the chat, which is what makes the experience so much fun in the first place.

4. Pick a Fun Movie or Show to Watch

Now that you’ve got everything set up, and a time and date picked out, it’s time to pick a show or a movie to watch. Odds are everyone will have opinions on what to watch, so having votes is a good idea to ensure that the majority of the crowd gets to see what they want to see.

A movie marathon, where everyone gets to see a movie of their choice, can also work if you have a smaller crowd, and thus, time to show a movie for everyone. And of course, binge-watching a classic TV show isn’t a bad idea either.

5. Grab Some Drinks and Snacks

It goes without saying, but no trip to the movies is complete without classic movie viewing drinks and snacks. So, before your schedule some Netflix parties with friends, be sure to load up on your favorites so you can get the full experience.

Popcorn, candies, and sodas are always great to have in the house. But if you worried about your diet, only pick up enough snacks for one night, so you don’t derail your fitness progress and ruin your diet.

6. Get Comfortable

Perhaps the best part about watching movies at home is the fact that you can get more comfortable than you could at a theater. After all, no theater seat is going to be more comfortable than your couch or favorite chair in your living room.

If your computer is a desktop, and thus you’ll be at a desk when watching your movie, consider investing in a comfortable gaming chair. It will make your movie-watching experience that much better, as well as make working at your desk comfortable too.

7. Enjoy the Show and Conversations

All that’s left to do now is enjoy the show and the conversations with your friends! Let Netflix Party be the excuse that we all sometimes need to reach out to our friends and family for conversation.

Now you can keep up to date with your closest friends and family members, all while having fun watching the latest Netflix shows and movies. Pretty cool, right?

Try These Netflix Party Tips and Tricks

Well, there you have it! Those are seven Netflix party tips and tricks for new users.

So, if you and your friends don’t have Netflix Party installed already, fire up Google Chrome and download the extension today.

Once you’ve got it installed, keep these tips in mind so you and your friends can have the best Netflix Party experience possible.


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