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Our smartphones have become an extension of our arms. Wherever we go, if we find ourselves with a moment of waiting, we pull out our phone and switch on our top apps. There are more than 3 million apps in the Google store for us to choose from – a figure that is sure to blow your mind and send your fingers to twitching. For those of us who are footy, cricket or tennis mad, our sports entertainment apps are the go-to for those moments we need fun or distraction. You would still have thousands to choose from. If you are looking at the shape matching games, then there are again far too many entertainment apps to sensibly list.

If you are feeling the pressure of the overload of choice, we are here to help. We are going to help you by listing some of the best apps on the market.


Let’s start with the daddy of all entertainment apps, Netflix. It is the standout app on the market and has won Oscars for its original content. This streaming service is seen as a significant force in the future of TV and film-making.

The success of this app is down to the algorithm that helps to personalise your content. So, when you create a profile they will track your choices, your browsing habits and your clicks, so they can serve up the best products for you. This is also a great way that they filter out poor content. If a programme or film receives limited clicks it quickly falls into obscurity. This means that the best material rises to the top – giving you a premier experience.

It will be interesting to see how the app copes with serious competition from Disney, who are now pulling in the top stars to grab the headlines.


Shazam is just a clever concept – you hear the snatch of a tune that intrigues you and you can find out the name of the song in a few seconds. The app listens to what you are hearing and then tells you what it is. It then offers you a link to listen to the song and maybe even purchase it. The business model for this app is equally clever. All those click-throughs you make to purchase the song will be rewarded with a referral fee for the app. You can also watch music videos from the app too, as they will take you to YouTube or Apple Music to see the star sing the song.


If you haven’t heard of TikTok then you really have been asleep. It is an app that has become huge though mainly with GenZ. Recently a group on TikTok managed to subvert a Trump rally by organising for tens of thousands of people to sign up using a video to spread the movement. It is becoming quite a powerful platform – proven by the fact that it is banned in China even though it is developed by a Chinese company.

The premise of the app is simple enough. You create a short video and send it out to the world for views. Dancing was a major boom for the sight, as were sing-along videos with top tunes. Now we are at the stage where people are making videos using the templates and resources available for manipulation by users. Be aware – the app has also come to the attention of marketing companies – so there are a lot of videos by professional content makers now that are being pushed up the charts.


If none of this music and video floats your boat, then maybe a bit of art will grab your attention. Using Sketchbook is a doddle and if you have a tablet you can make sure awesome drawings and paintings without the need for material. There is also an amazing button called delete, which means you don’t have to live with your mistakes. We love this app above all other apps because the interface is so clean and uncluttered. Many drawing apps try to be too clever. This one does enough for all levels of artists to have a go. You can also record your drawing in time-lapse, which becomes an amazing tool for marketing your work if you want to sell the final piece.

Asphalt Airborne 8

We seriously couldn’t build a list of entertainment apps without including a game! We love Asphalt Airborne 8 because it allows for multiplayer games wherever the group is connected to WiFi. So, not only can you race against the AI cars but take on your friends as well. If you are a true petrolhead, you can also get techy with the type of car you want to drive and the tracks you want to experience. Although the game is free, some of the better features of this app are released with in-app purchases. Still, even with the basic premise of the game, you will have some awesome fun.


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