Home Decor Trends in 2020



Already tired of the same old look and design of your home decor? It now about time to consider flipping your home from the ideas and design trends that can provide functionality and look. With decor trends in 2020, you’ll learn that you don’t need to be stuck with that very same design.

With home interior design trends, there’s no need to worry about replacing all of your furniture, it is about learning the art of the right mixing and matching things out. Read on to know more about the new design trends that will give you the inspiration you need in remodeling your home.

1. The Beauty of Simplicity

Influenced by the Nordic decor trend of 2019, structured simplicity is the perfect home decor trend that can provide your home with a comfortable, calming, and chilly space you’ll surely love. It can provide your home with a safe and inviting space.

The use of neutral colors offers a soft and warm mood. You can never go wrong with structured simplicity because it looks perfect in any setting. Pairing it with dark accent color adds more flair and serene ambiance especially for your rustic kitchen or modern bathroom setting.

With this design trends of 2020, you need to veer away from a cool grey and consider a yellow-based neutral color. Beige will make a comeback as an ideal color that you can use as your basis. Accent colors are still IN this year as part of your color scheme to achieve that simple but impactful design.

2. Edgy Abstract

Another cool style that can transform your space to fun, cozy, and relaxing is the edgy abstract home decor idea. Abstracts are known for their hand-drawn sketches, bold geometrics, and exuberant blocks with different colors. The main purpose of this design is to be able to create that playful mood and evoke emotions.

Additionally, punchy colors and unique bold patterns are the best characteristics that make this interior design trend of 2020 look funkier design that will certainly stand out. When it comes to the color palette of this interior design idea, you can stick to bold ones and a combination of red and navy. The best thing about this design trend is you can use it in any room you want from wallpaper designs, statement rugs, duvet covers, and cushions. Edgy abstract is definitely a fabulous design that can demonstrate that artistic flair within you.

3. Japanese-Inspired Design

Another interior design trends in 2020 that can modify your home to achieve that oriental touch is the Japanese inspired design. Impressive oriental prints, lovely bird motifs, and fine silk textures are the primary characteristics of this home decor idea.

Minimalists and avant-garde homes are what these types of designs are known for. The use of simple but functional furniture is also one of the highlights of this design that can truly provide your home the perfect value and simple ambiance.

With these design trends for 2020, you can also try to accentuate it with other elements or other inspiration from Scandinavian, modern to rustic. Japanese home design ideas can also provide more spaces for how their cabinets and pieces are designed. If you have a small room then this is a perfect way to assure that you can get that space you need.

4. Go Floral

Enjoy the freshness and nature with the beauty of a flower using a flower as your inspiration. One way to do this is through floral wallpaper which can provide you that fresh and sunny vibe you want. The best thing about going floral is you don’t have to repaint since you will just stick them on your wall.
These fine and attractive wallpapers are perfect for foyers and powder bathrooms but they are also ideal for certain areas of the house. Don’t forget to accentuate it with fine furniture and accessories. Decorating rooms with these wallpapers can surely provide that unique style and vibe that is surely envious.

5. The Purity of White

If you are looking for a timeless home decor idea this 2020 then going all white is definitely the best decision. Whether it is your living room, dining room, bedroom, home offices, and even bathroom. White is a symbol of purity and cleanliness that is truly a classical home decor style that never fades through the decades.

if you want to go all white then don’t forget to accentuate it with furnishings and decor accessories that can create contrast. You may need to consider the theme, color palette and other essentials to make sure that they look exquisite altogether. Adding greenery such as indoor plants, wooden chairs and artwork can surely provide the magnificent look you are always longing for this 2020.

In conclusion, the design ideas for 2020 are undeniably endless. These design or decor ideas can give you the inspiration you need. Above anything else, don’t be afraid to use your imagination and creativity. With these trends, it can be easier for you to come up with the perfect decor for home.


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